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Friday, July 26, 2013

How Pillows Can Make Your Bedroom Pop

I love pillows, especially accent pillows that are used in the living room, patio or basically anywhere in your house.

That is why I operate an online store that sells pillow cases in which my mother and I work together to create beautifully made pillow cases.  
So when Jessica Christian would like to talk about pillows on her first guest post, I was more than excited!
Jessica has a blog of her own called 4 Interior Design and she loves interior designing & home decorating. 

So let's here what she has to say about pillows.  

Have fun reading, huggies♥

How Pillows Can Make Your Bedroom Pop

Pillows and cushions are fantastic, versatile additions to every room, but the place where they really come into their own is the bedroom. Pillows are necessary for a good night's sleep, but they can also add an element of interest and texture to a room, so do not be tempted to simply equip your bed with sleeping pillows and call it good!

All Shapes, Sizes and Types!
A large bolster gives the head of the bed good definition and can also be used as a head and/ or body support – they are especially good for pregnant ladies who appreciate a pillow for the 'bump' to stave off backache. Immense, square continental pillows are tremendously comfortable when you are lying down; reading or chatting to a family member while you rest, and they look fabulous dressed up in beautiful cushion covers, many of which feature a decorative frill around the outside. Small square or rectangular cushions make a cheerful and colorful display on any bed, but they work particularly well in rooms that have a fairly neutral and modest theme, adding an air of opulence and luxury.
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Really pushing the definition of pillows and cushions brings us to pouffes and bean bags – not strictly speaking pillows as they have no part in helping us to sleep, but comfortable and soft places for us to relax and sprawl out on! Adding a bean bag into a child's room gives them something fun and comfortable to relax on, while they read or play with a hand-held puzzle or game, such as a Rubik's Cube.
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Many manufacturers like have taken advantage of the popularity of various children's movies and television shows, creating shaped cushions that are like cuddly toys. These add instant liveliness and comfort to any child's room and are sure to make bedtime easier all round!

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Choose Colours Wisely

You can easily enhance and pick out secondary tones and shades of your colour scheme by selecting the colour of your pillows and cushions very carefully. If the theme of your bedroom is a beautiful bright green, you can choose blue or yellow pillows for a delightfully bright effect, or you can opt for three or four shades of green that flow smoothly from one to the other, accenting and enhancing the main colour.
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Adding a touch of metallic to the room can make the room more sophisticated and glamorous. Modern fabrics can come in a wide range of colours and shades and gold and silver fabrics no longer look like dirty yellow and gunmetal grey. An array of metallic cushions can make a room look wonderfully formal while remaining comfortable enough for you to enjoy a good night's sleep.

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Geometric patterned fabric can create optical illusions and really add a point of interest to a bed. Continue the theme by adding a matching cushion to a comfy armchair in the corner, or even find matching curtains to continue the theme.

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Fake fur is available widely, and it comes in an enormous range of shades. If you bed needs something to give it a lift, but you are not keen on piling it high with a range of cushions, you can add just one or two of these furry delights! Their fantastic texture seems to go further than smooth fabrics and you will find that just one or two makes the necessary adjustment.

A final thought, is to buy pillow cases – has a wonderful wide range of pillows– in shades that go with, but are brighter than the wallpaper or paint. A soft pastel pink wall is immensely lifted with the additional of bright pink soft furnishing.

Be adventurous with your bedroom and invest in some beautiful pillows and cushions. It will not be long before you bedroom pops and you will be delighted with the effect that is so quickly and cheaply achieved.
Thanks Jessica!
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  1. Pretty pillows can make a great difference!

    1. i could not agree with you more rosey :)

  2. Hi, Jessica love the tips on the different shaped pillows and color. I am working on my bedroom now. :) Will stop by and look at more tips soon.


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