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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

{DIY} Toddler Bed Fitted Sheet

Toddler bedding set can be pricey, especially if you are looking for some character set like hello kitty.

So when I saw a hello kitty fabric from Hobby Lobby that was 40% off, I grabbed the opportunity & got so excited to the idea of diy'ing a toddler bed fitted sheet.

I'm so glad that I took that opportunity because my little girl now have this.
diy fitted sheet
But let me share how easy it is to make this fitted sheet.

Lay the toddler mattress on top of the fabric to mark where to cut & sew.
Fold about 1 to 2 inches of fabric from the edge and start sewing around all four corners of the fabric. 

Important: Make sure that you leave an opening from where you begin sewing and where you end and that there is a continuous opening all the way around.  This is to ensure that you can drawstring around it.
It just took me around 5 minutes to sew around the fabric to have this.  
Yes, proud of myself because I know how to use a sewing machine now! woot!woot! happy dance***
I used this kind of string but it snapped while I was pulling it around the fabric...too weak.
So I used this one instead and this one seems to be sturdy enough.
Then loop the string with a safety pin to guide your string inside the opening.
Pull the string inside the opening all the way around the fabric and tie it. 

Making sure that your fitted sheet fits properly around the mattress.  Tie the string & voila you're done!
So happy! I love how easy it was to do it & how nice it looks.
Now I'm not so intimidated with sewing machine anymore, like what happened here.  I'm so glad that I have my mom around sewing all the time.  Watching her work around the sewing machine just boosts my confidence level that there is nothing to be scared of.

I think I have a new bff, and I'll call her SM.

So watch out for more of my sewing adventures!

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  1. You are brilliant! I never thought of drawstrings!! I wonder if I could make an ironing board cover that way?

    1. i think you can do the ironing board cover this way amy, i know you're an awesome on sewing! you better share it to me when you come up with an ironing board cover:)


  2. great job Rea the bed Fitted Sheet is perfect foo you princess

  3. ...And I don't even know how to sew a button, I'm sorry to say!! Wish I were a seamstress like you. The sheet is adorable.


    1. i just learned the basic sewing from my mother was intimidating before now i am excited to learn more :) you should try that button lol!

      thank you...

  4. Comfort levels do get higher when you're able to watch something being done. :)

    1. exactly rosey :) thanks for stopping by!

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