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Friday, June 21, 2013

Quick Fix: Protect your Vinyl Floor

Okay, I should have figured this out long before this happened.  But I guess sometimes mistakes are learned when it is learned the hard way.

After I noticed that our dining area vinyl flooring has been scratched by our bench's legs...I thought of improvising a protector pronto!

But before that, let me show you how my floor looks like now...
Really, these original plastic protector is supposed to protect my floors....but it did not served its purpose.
That is supposed to just let the bench glide on the floor without making any scratches or dents to it.  But if you will notice, the plastic protector is smaller than the actual bottom base of my bench's legs.  And that's why when we move the bench it scratched the flooring.  

It took me a while to notice it because, as you can see we have a rug on our dining area and this bench does not get past the rug. 

So I removed those plastic pins from the wood and now have a flat base.
Then I used an old bag's remnant from a "no sew clutch project" that I did here.
no sew
Outline the base then cut the material.
Then used a glue to adhere it to the base, that's it.

Of course, there is definitely something that I can buy to replace this quick fix.  But it is working for now.

Have a happy weekend everyone!
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  1. You you little smarty pants!! I'll have to remember this floors are all scratched up & we are about to replace them:)

    1. i know that is not the smartest idea in the world but it serves the purpose for now..thanks amy!

  2. Great tips! I'm now following you via GFC and bloglovin!

    Belle Epoque

    1. thanks lia! thanks for the follow, i really appreciate it, followed you back♥


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