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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jewelry Display Holder

After admitting that my two previously made jewelry display holder are not working here.

But with a "diy-wana be" spirit, I follow the following steps
(oh yeah, there are steps to follow, lol)
   1) you get back up
   2) learn from it
   3) move on 
   4) "make it work"

And so I used a corkboard as a backing for my jewelry display holder and is now hoping that it will work.  

I've seen a lot of people did this and I've not heard any of them telling me that "it's not working".  

Maybe it is working or maybe nobody's brave enough to admit that is not.  Either way, I am using it and will see what happens from here.  

Of course, you will hear from me if it's not working again.
jewelry accessory holder
Have a good day, huggies♥

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  1. I think it will work this time. *fingers crossed* :)

    1. okay anne, me too *fingers crossed* lol!

  2. I think it'll work too!! I've GOT to do something with my jewelry...

    1. yay! goodluck to you amy, i want to see what you will do♥

  3. thanks for sharing! new follower via the blog hop :)

  4. Oh, what a pretty way to display your jewelry...and you have a lot of it! I hope it works for you and if it doesn't, I love that you'll share that it didn't work.

    1. thanks amy, i will definitely share if this one still won't work♥


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