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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's Not Working...

Yes, I admit's not working....

Remember my repurposed styrofoam turned into accessory display early this year?
repurpose styrofoam
I love repurposing stuff and this is one of those projects.

Sharing my repurposed projects is as good as admitting if it was actually working or not.

Well, it's not working...

The styrofoam is not strong enough to hold my heavy necklaces.  

Another project that I also did way back last year is also not working.
It was also a jewelry display holder supposedly and I used a regular cardboard box as the backing of this.  

It was one of the flaps from our moving boxes last year.

This one is also not working...

So there you go!

I would rather let you learn from me and not have done it yourself...☺

that's how i ♥ you guys!

How about your? Have you ever had a project that you were excited about and ends up not working?

Let's hear it! we all want to share and learn from each other, right?



  1. Hahaha! Thanks for telling us:) I have so, so many fails. I love looking at them when other people show theirs...I guess they make me feel better. I'm a 1 trick pony. I can't seem to do the paper crafting/spray painting type stuff I love so much. But when I do try, I either have something decent or a great Epic Fail to show on the blog !

    1. you are welcome, it just makes me feel better sharing this fails and knowing that somebody could have done the same thing, lol!
      that's what we're all about amy, diy wannabes! haha


  2. That's how it is Rea. Sometimes it works sometimes it's not, it's just a trial and error. I have some mishaps too when I make cakes, too many, haha! We learned from our mistake and we try until we succeed :)

    1. I know Anne, that's what it's all about "TRIAL and ERROR" ☺
      what's there to lose anyway, try again until we make it work!

      thanks for stopping by, huggies♥

  3. I am the queen of epic fails especially in the crafting area

    1. haha we just need more practice to make us better kimbra..

      thanks for stopping ♥


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