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Friday, June 28, 2013

How's the Vegetable Garden Doing?

Do you want to see how's the vegetable garden doing

and yeah, do you also want to see my diy garden markers actually look like in the vegetable garden? 

Yes. Yes.

It has been a month now since we my mom & dad started the vegetable garden and I am beyond thrilled to show it to you that it is getting closer to harvest time! ♥
diy garden markers
diy garden markers
diy garden markers
my diy garden markers don't look too bad huh? ☺

Cannot wait for the harvest time! 

What about you do you grow your own vegetable garden?  

How long does it take for you to harvest your vegetables?

ps: Fun Friday Blog Hop is now live, don't forget to join the fun and link up♥

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  1. Your vegetable garden is looking great Rea T! Everything looks so neat and well arranged. Have a great harvest! We do not have any vegetables on our farm at this time but we have a lot of fruit trees, coconuts etc.

    1. oh fruit trees & coconuts sounds yummy when harvested judy!

      thanks for stopping by♥

  2. I canned a bunch of squash from my uncles garden yesterday. It was hot & sweaty. I'm dumb & it took me forever to figure out how to seal the pressure cooker. I got two big, pretty tomatoes and that's about it so far from my garden. Your markers look fab!

    1. thank you so much amy♥ we've not harvested anything yet...looks like we're going to be soon...

  3. Rea ,,, i have a Dream ,,, a garden wíth you...your vegetables garden look great


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