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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Craft Show @ a Vineyard and Winery

Over the weekend, my mother and I went to the Annual Arts and Crafts Festival held at Ruby Moon Vineyard and Winery.

I thought it was so fun knowing that was our first craft show together♥

Although the weather was way too hot!  It was about 92° giving me more tan than I need♥

Plus the view there is spectacular!  Here are some of the photos.
arts and crafts show
arts and crafts show
arts and crafts show
arts and crafts show
Good thing, we didn't do the wine-tasting otherwise we will be giving away all our stuff instead of selling it! lol! 

how fun♥
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  1. Awesome display!! Do you do jewelry, or mom? Bella wants some fabric bow earrings, bt she only wears studs. No idea how to make them :)

    I've done 2 craft shows, & bombed both times:(

    Your tan is fabulous btw!

  2. congratulation you and your mother for the weekend

  3. That's fun that you got to go with your mom. It's hot over this way too, but I'm not's better than snow. ;)

    1. it is really fun to have mom came with me and really i usually don't complain with hot weather but it was just way too hot, lol!


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