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Thursday, May 23, 2013

time really flies because today he is five♥

Five years ago The Mr. and I were blessed with this beautiful bundle of joy.
From then on...our world has changed♥
Being pregnant was truly the most beautiful feeling that I ever had.
But I was so sick that I did not only have morning sickness - I have the "all-day-and-night" sickness.
The Mr. was with me all the way...he gave me his love and support more than I needed...
It made the whole pregnancy a lot better...
I can still remember the swollen foot and legs massages*** that felt so good...

Then when I finally felt my little baby inside my! that was an extraordinary feeling.
I wrote about that extraordinary feeling and put it in scrapbook for my son.
And when our little bundle of joy finally came out 5 years ago...
All the all-day-and-night-sickness was totally worth it...
When I first looked at him ♥
When I first held him ♥
When I first kissed him ♥
When I first hugged him ♥

He is a miracle in our life...

He is the sweetest little guy that I have.
He likes to say "i love you mom"...just makes my heart melt...
He loves to hug & kiss me all the time...

Happy 5th birthday to you Franz!
Your dad and I hope and pray for your good health.
We will try our very best to raise you as a good-loving-GOD-fearing person.

And I hope that you will still kiss and hug me even when you think you're too old for it...
because you will never be too old for it...♥


  1. happy birthday to your little one! If I only live closer then I'll make him a cake :)

  2. Happy birthday to your little boy!
    coming from fun Friday blog hop party
    new GFC follower

  3. So cute. Happy birthday to your baby. Enjoy his younger years now. It seems like yesterday my little girl was five. She is 10 now, sweet but sassy tween years.

    1. thank you Mary Hill for the greeting! that's what all my friends told me to enjoy my children's younger years...
      ah i don't want them to grow this fast :(


  4. Happy Birthday to your ADORABLE son. Girlfriend, I was sick all day and all night, too. It always blows my mind when I hear women say, "Oh I never got sick. Maybe I had a headache once, but pregnancy was a breeze." I felt like a sick whale the entire time!!

    You are truly one blessed mama.


    1. thank you Meredith ♥ it makes me feel better remembering that it wasn't just me who was sick all day and night, lol! like a sick whale the entire time is the right reference haha

      thanks for always stopping by and leaving me a sweet comment meredith♥

      huggies ☺

  5. Happy Birthday to your big boy!


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