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Friday, May 17, 2013

Pre-Work for our Backyard Fence

So about a month ago I was in the process of scouting for a contractor to do our backyard fence.

But first let me tell you the reasons why I(we) wanted a backyard fence:

L We live in a community with houses nearby & almost attached to each other **exaggeration** 
but here let me show you a photo of our backyard while my kids are playing in the slip & slide...
okay, now you know what I mean...☺

One of our neighbor's let their dogs loose once in a while and they do run to our backyard most often than not...idk why?

Freedom for my kids (4-yo & 2-yo) to play at the backyard without me worrying where they'd go other than our the neighbor's dogs)-out-kind-of-thing.

and a little bit of privacy...

Okay, now it would really help you out all through the whole process if you do the following:

First - visit your local Assessor's Office to get a copy of your property limit.  This is to give you an idea where are the easements are located if it is in your property.  Also will give you the exact measurement of your entire property.

Second - ask your home-builder to have somebody locate your property pins.  This is an additional assurance of where exactly is your property line.
option: if your property does not have the property pins yet, surveyors can do that for you...
Third - call 811 - Know what's below.  Call before you dig.  To ensure that your utility lines are being marked & to avoid disruption on any of your utility services.
Fourth - find out from your homeowner's association, if you have one, as to what kind of fence are not allowed in your community.  This is to help you do the process of elimination on what type of fence that you can choose.

All of these services are free.

When you are done with all these.  Decide on what kind of fence would you like to be installed or maybe you want to do-it-yourself.

Hire a professional or DIY?
Between having a professional contractor to do it for us and diy-ing it was the very first decision that my husband and I had to make.

I initially thought that The Mr. & my father can diy it but since we have to have an equipment to dig the land so that posts can be buried and plus how so erratic The Mr.'s working schedule these past few months, so we decided to  get a professional to do it for us.
We chose to: hire a professional

What kind of fence do you want?
There are numerous types of fence that you can choose from.

Wood Fence - it is the most basic and the most affordable type of fence.  But it needs more maintenance than the other types of fence, such as staining the wood every two years to extend its life.  And if you are looking for a little bit of privacy from the neighbors then you can choose this type of fence.

Vinyl Fence - the very pretty vinyl is also an available type of fence that you may want to choose.  It looks so clean and is maintenance-free unlike the wood fence.  It also adds a greater resale value for your home.

Ornamental Fence - if you are not looking for privacy-type of fence & wants to show off your backyard but will mark your property lines then this type of fence is for you.

Chain link Fence - it is very cost effective but like ornamental fence, it does not give you the privacy that you may want from a fence.  
In our community, we are not allowed to have chain link type of fence, so this was eliminated right away during our selection process.
We chose the: Wood Fence, because it meets our basic need & it's affordability.

Based on the property map that we got from the Assessor's Office & the property pins that was marked.  We decided how many feet we need on each sides and towards the back of our house and how high we want it.

Start calling professional contractors to do an estimate.
I only called three contractors to do an estimate for us, based on their reputation in the fence-building industry and the after-sale service.

Between the three contractors that we chose to do an estimate for us.  We decided to go for the was the cheapest but has a fairly good reputation in the fence-building industry.

come back for the continuation of this backyard fencing proces....



  1. I think I'd fence it in too. We did ours a while back...neighbors on both sides and I wanted to be able to wear my swimsuit outside without worrying about everybody seeing my rolls. Privacy fence= priceless:)

    1. especially with these two restless little ones that i have, it is definitely priceless amy!

      thanks for stopping by, huggies♥

  2. Houses in my neighborhood are also stacked pretty closely. I swear I can hear what the neighbors are watching on TV. The yards are small, but we do have fences - almost strong enough to keep their pit bulls at bay!

    You'll love having the peace of mind back there with the little ones.

    1. haha i'm glad i can't hear my neighbors' TV, they probably have their volumes down lol!

      i'm so enjoying the backyard fence since day 1 little ones are enjoying it the most!

      thank you for stopping by!

  3. What a great bunch of tips. I didn't know a thing about the pins!

    We don't have a fence here, but we did when we had neighbors close by too and it really did give us peace of mind.

    1. thank you Rosey, I bet you i have no clue about property pins blah blah before too:)

      we really love our fence now and i will show some photos soon!


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  5. Removed everything in this Highlandtown backyard and build new concrete wall curbs,fence, decorative gravel, and stepping stones.fence estimator


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