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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

{Guest Post} Style your home YOUR way!

Styling your home is hard enough already but styling it YOUR way makes it even more challenging.

Here's Eva Stephen from Shop4Furniture giving tips how to style your home YOUR way.

I hope you will find this inspiring like I do...


"Hi all. This is Eva Stephen. 
Today I am going to share some tips to style your home that reflects your style. 
Thanks Rea for making me a part of your blog. Cheers. :)

Style your home YOUR way!

Do you look through home décor magazines and admire the pictures of the elegant and immaculate homes, but never really feel a sense of connection or desire for the interiors depicted? If so, maybe your home needs more of a personal touch to make it truly your own creation.

Spruce up the kitchen lavishly
If you are a homebody, constantly producing a stream of tasty dishes and delicious treats, then you definitely need a kitchen that speaks to your own preferences and skills. Equally, if cooking is not your forte, you may well be happy with a hot plate and a microwave just to cover the bare basics.
Kitchen units can be designed to your personal choice, and the only limitation is how much you can afford to spend on a fully customised kitchen. 

Customise your kitchen on a shoe-string
For those who are on a budget (which is just about all of us in this current economic climate) there are some hints and tips you can use to stamp your own brand on standardised fixtures and fittings. Transfers and stickers are an instant pick-me up for drab or plain cupboard doors. I am sure you’ll love the kitchen wall stickers range at Icon Wall Stickers.
You can use kitchen themed stickers or pictures, foodstuffs, vegetables and so on, but you can also allow yourself free licence and put up whimsical cartoon characters, fancy text letters or anything else that catches your eye.

A couple of buckets of paint can dramatically change a kitchen, and you can even try creating painted optical illusions on your kitchen walls if you feel daring! 

Just remember, lighter colours open out a room or area, while darker ones draw it in and can make an already small space seem impossibly cramped. Light reflects better off lighter coloured walls, while darker walls may absorb some of the light making the kitchen a little bit gloomy.

Fill your living room wisely

Unless you can ask a carpenter to create the exact piece you have in your mind's eye, you may have to settle for a standard piece of furniture that can be adapted to your purposes. Have a clear idea of the effect and look that you are trying to create and take your time studying the furniture available on the market. Shop4furniture website has a fabulous range, including single chairs, two- and three-seaters, and even corner units; all of which can form the basis for a unique and individual look, without you having spent an absolute fortune on custom furniture. 

Once you have a good layout of furniture, you can begin to add ornaments, pictures and wall art, all of which should work seamlessly in the room, while retaining a fresh stand-alone charm. It is in the small touches that you can really work in the touches that will set your living room apart from those of other people, whether it is in the quirky adornment, the elegant soft furnishings or striking curtains and carpets – whatever theme you choose can be achieved and enhanced with a little careful planning when purchasing room accessories. 

Make your bedroom a haven
The place where you are most vulnerable and comfortable is the perfect place to unleash your creative side. Whether you like butterflies and satin, or black and silver gothic skulls, you can style your bedroom entirely to your own tastes. Although if you share the room, it is probably tactful to ask for some input from the other party, and allow them to state their opinion on the furnishings!

Every room in the house can benefit from your imagination and creativity. You do not need to spend a lot of money to make beautiful items that reveal a little bit of the essential you, although you may need to spend some time thinking about the kind of impression you want to create, and how to achieve that with the materials and skills you have. You can even paint unusual and striking designs on an uncarpeted floor for a truly distinctive look! The important thing to remember is that it is your choice, and if you are happy, then that is all that matters!


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