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Thursday, May 30, 2013

DIY: Garden Markers

Like I have mentioned here, Mom and Dad have started the vegetable garden already.
garden bed
They've been doing great with it and are enjoying it.

To make me feel like I am part of it when we reap these vegetables when the time comes.

My contribution was these DIY: Garden Markers.

It is very easy and I did not spend a dime!

I used an old milk gallon.
Cut rectangles from it.  I used a business card to guide me on cutting my rectangles.

Started cutting it with a cutter then continued with scissors.  It was pretty easy to cut because it was soft plastic.
I made seven rectangles from the milk gallon.
And the milk gallon looked like this after cutting the rectangles.
Label the rectangles according to the vegetables that I my mom and dad have 
Adhere those rectangular plastic markers to barbecue skewers.

And you have your own garden markers.  

But there are a lot of other creative ways of making your own garden markers and these are my favorites.

using wine corks
using paint stir sticks
using clothes pin
DIY Plant Marker
using popsicle sticks
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  2. These are great ideas. Glad to hear your garden is coming right along! :)

    1. i should take a picture because they're growing fast Rosey..

      thanks for stopping by, huggies♥


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