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Monday, April 22, 2013

{Introduction}Spring Cleaning is here! [part 1]

Another exciting thing that I will be undertaking this spring.

I will tackle all about cleaning in three categories:
home cleaning
digital cleaning

Spring time is always a perfect time to do cleaning because of it's weather, neither too hot nor too cold.  It allows us to go outside and work on whatever things that we need to get done and I am so excited to do this with you guys.

Hope you'll follow along as I post all about spring cleaning and some cleaning tips in between.

The first one that I tackled is under digital cleaning - my iphone.
Oh yeah, i have 1,197 photos & 159 videos in my iphone and I think I am not the worst, don't judge!

Like most of us do, I use my iphone to take photos and videos of everything because my iphone is always in my possession (almost always).

First, I connected my iphone to my laptop (make sure that your itunes is not running before doing that).
There will be a popup window showing options on what you want to do with your iphone.
I chose "open device to view files" - because in that way, I have flexibility to choose what photos to move to which folder in my computer. 
Then right-click, select all, choose "cut" instead of "copy" because in that way you will move the photos from your iphone.  

I dump all my photos and videos in my laptop and then I organize it from there.  

I started organizing it by 2 months and then I separated those photos of special event, such as birthdays, thanksgiving, vacation, etc and place them all in one folder by year.

There are numerous ways of storing your photos - there's cloud, usb, memory card, cd, have a lot of choices.

...and I chose cd...why? because i felt that was the easiest for me and i can also label the cd's to what are the contents of each of them.

Just cut and paste - again, make sure you choose "cut" instead of "copy" to move the photos from your laptop to the cd.

Come back for more spring cleaning posts!



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