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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

{Digital Cleaning} Iphone Cleaning part 2

To continue with my iphone cleaning that I started a couple of days ago, here's my part 2.

Okay I am done moving out the photos and videos from my iphone to my organizing my laptop's photos and videos deserves another post of its own.
Our iphone is always with us that we use it with almost everything...right?

and guess what? We have a tendency to get excited with downloading can you not? lol!

We have games apps to entertain our kids while we're on the go.  

We have money-saving apps to help our finances and eventually better our financial health.

And a whole lot more...

So as part of my spring cleaning {digital cleaning} - I decided to remove my unused apps.
In doing this process, you may ask yourself these questions to help you on your decision which app to remove.

♥ how many times did you think you used it?

♥ is this a redundant app - meaning you might have two or more of the same purpose?

And when you finally decide which apps to remove...
then just tap that x on the upper left-side of it and wave that app goodbye!

It is that easy and that liberating...

You will be surprised how much space you have freed up by doing this.

goodluck! huggies♥


  1. How brilliant. I would not have thought to organize my pictures but seriously, that's a great idea! Thanks for the quick tutorial.

    1. you are always welcome amy!



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