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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sew-It-Yourself(SIY): Hamper

Earlier today, I have announced the new members of my team ~ that is my mother and my father...
(i'm so happy ♥)
If you have missed that post, you can read it here.

All projects featuring my mom's sewing skills that we worked together will be on a segment called:
So here's the very first SIY project that we did.
Let me show you what this hamper used to look like.
Yeah, so beat up - the original material is made of nylon and is not too durable to hold our dirty clothes.
I bought this hamper not too long ago at walmart and it was already not good.

You could easily think of just throwing this away but good thing my mother helped me make a replacement hamper. (thanks mom ♥)

The material that we used was a table cloth that I already have and my mother made the replacement similar to the original which has three sorter.
A closer look.
And for the before and after photo.
Next SIY, I will do better at taking pictures while in the process of making it.
My apologies for not showing the step by step on how to make it.
You are always welcome to email me @ homefor4sweethome@ if you would like to know the step by step.



  1. Hi, new follower here!
    Great project!
    Found you via the blog hop! I'd love you to visit me, and follow! I'm at

    1. i'm glad you found me carolyn, thanks for the follow! have fun blog hopping!

      on my way to visit your blog, huggies♥

  2. Even the three sections are in there, that's great. It looks durable and attractive, I like it. :)

    1. i'm so happy with this hamper with the three sections, we can still sort our laundry...

      thanks for stopping by rosey! huggies♥


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