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Monday, March 18, 2013

Random Facts About Me {Liebster Award!}

Oh yeah! Jamie of A Day in the life nominated me and I am happy! 
This is my second award from blogging, I got my first one last year called Sunshine Award.

Liebster award is like discovering and knowing the people behind their blogs.

And here's a little bit more of the the Liebster Award:
The Rules:

Each blogger posts 11 random facts about themselves.
Answer the questions the tagger has set for you.
Choose 11 new bloggers to pass the award/nominate.
Come up with 11 new questions to ask your nominees.
Go to their page and tell them about the award.

No tag backs!

11 Random Facts about Me:
1) I am a native from the Philippines - we are called "Filipinos"

2) I'm a mountain dew drinker - the regular one, coz it's the "real thing".

3) I hate doing the dishes but since I hate looking at it on the sink uncleaned, so I do dishes.

4) I wear socks {fluffy ones} at home all year through - my feet tends to get cold.

5) I love saying "awesome" because it's just awesome to say awesome!

6) I love PINK - and the song "perfect"

7) My boyfriend is Channing Tatum and my husband's cool with!

8) I love the look of a freshly-vacuumed carpet or a freshly-mowed grass.

9) I miss my kids while I'm at work and I would sometimes get teary-eyed.

10) My husband makes me laugh when I am crying and makes me cry when I am laughing!

11) I am a Catholic.

Jamie's Questions For Me:

1) What's your favorite blog(s) to read?
I do read a lot of blogs everyday and I think it would be proper not to mention any favorites publicly. Let's just say, I stop by at blogs that are about organizing, home decor, fashion and some kidstuff along the way too.  And then since I've gain friends in the blogland, I also to stop by to read the stories of their lives.

2) If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Uhmm...somewhere near the ocean or the beach.  My husband and I love being in the beach and my kids too.

3) Beach or mountains?

4) Favorite type of food?
Filipino Food- like eskabeche, humba, lumpiang shanghai and pancit!

5) Any children? How many?
Yes - 2

6) Any fur babies? (dogs, cats, etc...)

7) Stealing this question from Amy, but what's your favorite blog post you've ever written?
My favorite so far is my DIY: Wallpaper and the stairway gallery wall.

8) Stranded on a deserted island, 3 things you couldn't live without?
my family, my iphone & water...(i guess, i should have put water before everything else, lol)

9) Something you wish more people knew about you?
that i am "funny"

10) Favorite Holiday?
christmas & new year

11) Something on your bucket list... a plane! or sky dive...

My 11 nominees:

My Questions For My Nominees:
1) Why did you started blogging?
2) What's your favorite thing about blogging?
3) What(Who) is your source of inspiration when it comes to your style - be your home decoration style or your fashion style?
4) What is your best time to write your post?
5) What is your native? {irish, indian, spanish, etc)
6) Do you speak any languages other than english?
7) Coffee or Tea?
8) Black or White?
9) When it comes to your style, do you consider yourself as bold or safe?
10) Who's your celebrity crush?
11) Favorite color?

Thanks! I hope you enjoyed reading! 



  1. can anyone do this and what exactly is liebster?

    1. i think liebster award is like getting to know the people behind their blogs - that's as far as i understand, i'm not exactly sure....i guess anyone that is nominated can do this..


  2. Thank you, Rea, for the nomination, that's totally awesome that you thought of me. :) I'm totally with you on the beach thing...we moved from Florida to Michigan and I miss the beach almost every single day!

    1. you're welcome rosey, i bet you do miss Florida! we went to destin two years ago and my kids want to go to the beach almost all the time after that...(if it was just close)


  3. Congrats on the nomination!

  4. Hi Rea sorry was on vacation but I'm back now. Good to know a little more about you and thank you ,for the nomination

    1. oh no wonder, i haven't heard from you in a while Angelica, i hope you enjoyed your vacation, glad to have you back!


  5. I thought I am Channing's girlfriend? Hmmm..I should have dump him! hahaha

    1. uhmm..are you making me jealous anne? lol!


  6. Interesting. You sky dive! That picture of Tatum would make any female want to be his girlfriend. I loved reading your answers, it's fun getting to know you.

    1. i'm sorry betty to mislead you but i don't sky dive, haha that is just on my bucket list but i don't think i CAN actually do that!!


  7. Thanks for nominating me! I've loved getting to know you since you started your blog, but now I know a bit more. :) I'm with you on #8 of your first list.


    1. really meredith? you also like to look at freshly-vacuumed carpet or freshly-mowed brass?! wow, well that's a thing that i know we have in common! i thought #7 haha!!
      i hope you will take your time to participate on this one because i would love to get to know you more too..


  8. Great answers Rea! I can't wait to read some of the blogs you nominated!!


    1. thanks for nominating me jamie, i really had fun participating on this :)


  9. Thanks for the nomination, Rea! I also think that awesome is awesome! :D

    1. haha! now i know we have something in common cristina! i hope you will participate, it's fun and i would really like to know you more too!



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