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Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY: Keys, Iphone, etc Drop Trays

If you are looking for some pretty nice trays that you can use as drop trays for your keys, iphone, sunglasses,  this post is for you.

Well of course, if you have the money then you can always buy pretty trays anywhere that you can use as your drop tray.  But in my case, I try to be frugal about everything.  I also like EASY projects and plus a-ten-minute-project, why not? :)

So here you go, it all started with these two trays that I got for free from one of my friends moving out of the state.
Covered the tray with a nice wrapping paper, used mod podge for the first time and I got these.
Well that is PRETTY EASY!
As you can see, I used the other tray to drop my accessories.  
In some days, I drop my accessories while doing some chores like cooking, cleaning or doing the dishes.
I love how easy and pretty it is.


  1. Look at your Rea. Your animal print shows you have a wild side :). These are super stylish. I wouldn't mind having these beauties out to collect clutter!

    1. i love leopard print amy! it's my way of unleashing my "wild" side, lol!
      thanks for stopping by...



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