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Monday, January 21, 2013

Pinspiration: Photo Display

Like every blogger out there, I was browsing on Pinterest over the weekend.
And if you follow me there, you'll know that I just pinned this awesome photo display and I said "totally doing this".
I want to give credit and to thank the owner of this photo,
Yes I said "totally doing this" because from the moment I saw this photo display it reminded me of the frame that was one of the stuff I got from garage-salein last September 2012.
The owner/friend just gave this frame to me for FREE...of course she had a puzzled look as why would I want it knowing it was JUST a!

But enough of the talking :) so here's my pinspiration photo display!

Using jute twine as my string, then hot glued it at the back of the frame, this is how the back of the frame looks like.
I thought of using some laundry clips to hang my photos but then I don't have those tiny ones at home.
Just can't wait to hang pictures in here, went upstairs to look for paper clips...nada!
what to use..what to use...then found a bunch of my hairpins and I had a light bulb moment! lol!
Yay! So I used hairpins to hang my photos!
Pinterest is just awesome because I was inspired to do this photo display.  
What I love about this pinterest project is that it was easy and fun to do!
Changing the photos from this photo display to newer photos is so easy.

I am linking this post to Make It Challenge at Our Fifth House on the 28th of this month.
So head over there on Monday and check me out and a whole lot of pinterest-inspired projects!

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  1. What a great project. I love anything inventive that allows you to show off pictures...especially, in this case, where you can easily change them out if you want. Great job, Rea!

    1. thanks Amy! the best thing that i like about this too is that photos can be changed easily with new ones!


  2. Amazing!! Of COURSE people like us see an old frame and MUST store it away for an unknown project. This is a truly lovely photo display.


    1. It's good that not all people see old frames like we do Meredith, otherwise I wouldn't be able to get that frame for free, lol!


  3. Hi Rea, where you the "rea" who emailed me about button swap? Sure! I would be more than willing to have button swap with you.

    Email me back, or just post a comment on my blog.


  4. Rea! Amazing! I love about this your Photos van be chance easly . What a grea Job


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