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Monday, December 3, 2012

Organized Display of Baseball Caps

Hey! Hey! My dear readers and followers!!
Hope y'all had an awesome weekend!!

Okay, this post is a belated happy birthday gift for the Mr.

He has a lot of baseball caps...
and by "a lot" it means to me as "very many" or "more than 2"....right?
But for the Mr., that's not "a lot" for him.  
Like my purses or my shoes, I don't see those as "a lot" lol!! 
Yes, he's got an argument right there.

But anyway, since he has "a lot" of baseball caps that are just stored in a crate in our closet.
I thought of displaying it instead of just organizing it.

Really there's nothing wrong with where it was before, because:
                         * it's organized - since it is inside a container and not clutter just anywhere
                         * it's accessible - since they're all in one container, if the Mr. needs one, it's just there
                         * it's space saver - that crate measures around 14" on all sides, not bad right?

But I would like it to be displayed for the Mr. to admire :) sweet eh!?
And I got lucky to have a blank wall in the master closet!
It was pretty easy! Easy as 1-2-3!
1) Cover the wall with left over fabrics
2) Install nails on the wall 
3) Hang the baseball caps by color
Don't even know why I have not thought of this before! I really like how it turned out!
Why I like it?
* organized? check! 
* accessible? check!
* space saver? check!
* does not deform the shape of the cap? check!

And the most important thing is:
* Mr. is happy? check!

yay! mission accomplished!



  1. I have teorĂ­a boys. And all day caps are disorder ... I love love You display organized caps

    1. thanks Angelica :) goodluck with your organizing!


  2. What a great idea! It definitely looks so much better than shoved in a crate. Maybe now he can see that he definitely does have a lot of hats :)

    1. haha yeah i know Amy! but i am also thinking maybe he's gonna get more caps because there's still space on the wall! lol!


  3. Oh yeah! Way better than in a crate! Now it looks like a proper collection!

    1. thanks Cristina, I think my husband might get some more because of the blank wall in our!



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