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Friday, November 9, 2012

Welcome to My New Blog

I would like to officially welcome you all to my new blog:

If you are one of my followers at my old blog:

so - so - glad to see you and follow me here :)

If you are a new reader/follower, I also welcome you and would like to give you a little bit of a background.

I was contemplating about the direction of my old blog and I made a decision to change it to a new blog.

Mainly because, I wanted to let everybody know what my blog is all about from the blogname itself.
By everybody, I mean my readers old and new, my followers old and new,
and the people that will stumble into my blog in the e-world.

What's "FOR 4"? - 4 people living in our home, that's Mr., my boy, my girl & me :)

It's just a new name, new address but the same content with more focus on organize - diy - decorate & kidstuff too!

So once again - welcome to my new blog!


  1. very good decision.uuuuuupiiiii is beatifull ... Is moré chic.
    Your friend

    1. thanks for following me here Angelica!! I am beyond giddy about this whole new blog thing :)

      so happy to see you here!!!


  2. You must remove the option to make robot as comentarior is very complicated. when I delete it from my blog I greatly increased Entries

    1. oh thank you for this, I did not realized that this was enabled :)

      it's disabled now - really appreciate it!



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