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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Some Serious Toy-Purging Business

It is almost that time of the year again where Santa is going to bring in some gifts to the 
children around the world.

And in order for us to have a room for those gifts - I talked my kids into purging some of their toys.
They agreed!  When they did, it meant "some serious-toy-purging-business"!

So we started off in the playroom.

First process we have is I ask my son this phrase:
Keep or Give?
As for my daughter's, my son & I practically decided for her.

From the keep pile, we grouped the toys together then put them in baskets, bucket and bin.

For the give pile, we sorted as to where it should go.
girl cousin
boy cousin
the rest goes to Goodwill

Then off we went to the living room, yes! You've read it right - we have a bunch of toys in the living room.

For some reason, these toys just go down in the living room by itself and they go inside this ottoman.
These toys just don't want to stay in the playroom upstairs, idk why! lol!

First, we removed all the toys from the ottoman.  Now that was overwhelming! 
Look how much toys can this ottoman can hold! W-O-W!

We did the same process and I cheated a little bit.  
Some toys that my son said to keep it but I thought should go, 
I put it in the black trash bag that will go to Goodwill, so he will not see it.  
Am I bad mom?

But at the end of our toy-purging process, we have a lot to give.

The good thing about this whole process is that, it makes me feel better knowing that there 
are kids out there  that can benefit from our toy-purging.

Oh by the way, the ottoman now looks like this.

Brought all the toys that were on the keep pile up back where they belong - the playroom.
And as you can see, only stuff toy, mask & a foot massager are left in the ottoman.
I hope we can keep it that way.

One important thing that I want to share to y'all when you are do purging is that you need to "be ruthless".
It sounds bad or negative but at the end of the process - your objective of getting rid of things will turn into sharing & giving.

Isn't it nice?



  1. So nice of you to give all those toys away. We do a lot of purging around here, but mainly for garage sales. I try to keep their toys to a minimum year round. :)


    1. Been wanting to do garage sales now but haven't really had the chance to ACTUALLY do one. So we just give a lot instead of waiting for me to have that "chance"!

      thanks for stopping by!

  2. What a great idea. I try and do the same before Christmas. It makes it so much easier to find a place for new toys. And, I must be a bad mom too :) because I do the same thing with some of the toys my daughter thinks we should keep.

    1. Now that you said it Amy, I don't feel guilty anymore :)

      We're just being moms, right?


  3. So nice of you to give all those toys away. What a great idea

    1. believe me Angelica, it was overwhelming at first but it made me feel good after! :)

  4. That is wonderful, is so generous of your kids to give away her own toys!!
    Huggies Vicky

    1. it was a lot of convincing vicky :)

      thanks for stopping by :)



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