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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Are You Ready for Fall? Windows Sealed

One of the things that I THINK we need to check in order for us to be ready for fall is the window.  
Take note that I am no expert here.... :( even if i don't say this, you will definitely notice...

Our house is around 7months old so we should not be expecting some leaks on the windows sealing anytime soon.
But living in a pretty much newly build house does not excuse me from checking.
I just want to make sure that it is in good order and condition.

So how do we know that our windows are sealed for sure? good question...
It made me think...uhm...
Maybe find out if there is air that could flow through your window while it is CLOSE of course.
So how do I actually do that? I asked myself...

I started with our window in the living room because that's where I was at that time.

Windows closed - i lean my head through the window, close to the edges or the seams of it.
Like you are trying-to-listen-for-something-on-the-other-side-of-the-window kind of lean.

Then tell your kids to be quite, tv's off and be quite too :)

I would have a picture of this, me looking funny but I bet just you imagining me is funny enough!! lol

And then if you don't feel any air flowing through your ears then
99.99999 % there is no leak!

On the other hand if you feel some air that flows through then there is a possibility of leaks in your window sealant.

What to do with it?

Ask the Mr. to check it and let them fix it! lol!

Hope this helps.


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  1. Amiga
    In south América strart the spring. Jeje ..... Only sun. Sun

    1. you're just making me so jealous right now decora adora! :)

      only sun.sun is also nice :)


  2. Another great tip. Hopefully you'll help save us all some money with your helpful tips. Lucky you in a new house. I am in a drafty old house :)

    1. yeah my family & i are blessed, even if it's a basic builder house - a house is a house that will keep you warm in this cold weather :)

      i know you & your husband had and still is putting a lot of work on your "drafty old house":) keep it up amy! it is keeping you & your family warm and warmer...



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