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Friday, November 16, 2012

a little bit MORE about Philippines

As soon as I read Amy of While Wearing High Heel's comment on one of the posts that I did for my Are You Ready for Fall? series - Scarves Ready, I told myself that I need to talk about it more.

I've had a post not too long ago where I talked a little bit about the Philippines, click here.

But why don't we talk about the Philippines & show it a little bit MORE.

Philippines is one of the tropical countries in Asia with a warm tropical marine climate.
It's an archipelago with relatively high temperature, very humid and rains a lot.
We actually have 2 seasons, rainy season (June to November) and dry season (December to May).
Yup! That's it, rainy season & dry season! - no winter, spring, nor fall :(
The average weather in the Philippines all year round is 79°F.  Can you imagine that?

So I grew up in a place close to the beach, like 5-10 minutes walking distance away from it.
So easy to be contented, you can go swimming anytime you want.

Life is simple there - fishing and farming are the main source of living.

So easy to laugh and just be happy with the friends around you.

We have 171 spoken local dialects, that is why English and Filipino(Philippines' national language) are taught the moment you step in a classroom.
I actually learned English first and fast, than Filipino :)

We also have a very interesting food too....very interesting, I should say!

and most of all

Philippines have a lot of beach and dive destinations.
I am amazed by how beautiful the Philippines is, so go check it out by clicking here, here and here.

Although I am thankful for the opportunity to live and work here in the United States of America
- to experience the American dream.
But growing in the Philippines was so special and will forever be treasured in the deepest part of my heart.
In fact, I actually talk about it a lot to my kids...
show them pictures...
 & visit back when time & money allows...

I love Philippines!

If you want to read more about it, click here
If you want to visit the Philippines, click here

All the photos of the Philippines in this post are courtesy of a very talented Dumanjuganon Zachary Beltran - visit his Facebook page here.  Thank you!

Note: I was not in any way compensated to say any of this, all that is written are based on my own & personal thoughts & opinions.  Thank you - rea


  1. Beautiful pics Rea! My sister is now living right there in the Philippines! I wish I could go and visit, she is staying there for three more years, her husband is a diplomat. For me is if money allows! Beautiful place!

    1. oh how cool is that Cristina :) you should visit her before she goes back here in the United States - it is really beautiful!



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