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Sunday, October 21, 2012

chugga - chugga - choo - choo (Are You Ready for Fall? Indoor Games)

Just recently whenever I pick up my son from school, he would always stop by at the train table right before the main door going out of their school.  
He'll try to play and move the little trains while I wait and talk to his teacher and some of the parents.

I never cared what's up with it until Friday while watching him again as he stopped by the train table.

It is just a  r-e-g-u-l-a-r  train table with a train track.

So what's the big deal kiddo?!

Well the train tracks GLUED together so that the kids can enjoy moving the little trains around the track without it coming off disassembled.  

So I told him, "Mom can do that know.."
Instantly my son's face lit up when I said that!  

And so Saturday morning, just like any other good Mommy out there that fulfills promise ---
- we did it hot glue did it :)

From this:

To this:

And there's the ticket office and the mining area... ")

And for a healthy and peaceful chugga-chugga-choo-choo town,
here's the police station and the hospital... isn't it cute?

My son was so surprised with this and my daughter loves this too.

And now it also makes us ready for fall - indoor games.

Because of a cooler weather during fall season, it would be less and less for us to let our kids play outside in the backyard, in the park or in the playground.

So you might want to entertain your kids with indoor games such as this, or puzzles.

Now if you have older kids, you may try to do some scrabble, chess and other card games.
Having indoor games like this keeps the child's brain stimulated resulting to not hearing them say
"Mom I'm bored..."

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  1. Brilliant. This is truly brilliant. How wonderful that you were able to do something so simple and bring such joy to your son. That's so sweet.

    And, thank goodness, I am not in the 'I'm bored' phase with my daughter. Great reminder to get prepared for indoor play.

    1. we don't hear that "I'm bored" from our kids yet :) but let's try not to hear that though lol

      thanks for dropping by amy :)


  2. This post brought up good memories when my son was a little boy and loved to play with his trains! He's not that old, he's almost 10! but he doesn't play with it anymore! What a great idea for when they are little!

    1. it's so nice to reminisce memories because they grow so fast...

      thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment...



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