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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Book Shelf Makeover

So one of the things that I bought from a friend that is moving out of state’s garage sale is a book shelf.

 When I saw it and for just $3 – I said to myself (heck yeah! I want it!)

Just a little makeover and it will be perfect for the playroom in progress.

Here's the closer look before the makeover.

Not too bad huh? It just looks dull and sad if I am going to put this in the playroom.

Of course a spray paint can do magic with this!

First we removed the two in between shelves, by "we" I mean my "personal assistant" err my 4-year old son and!!!

Yes, he was the one who removed some of the screws by using that small tool he's holding in the picture.

Although he doesn't look very happy in the picture, he actually kinda of insisted to help me in this project when I told him that it's going to be in the playroom when it's done.  He's so sweet :) huggies***

After removing the two shelves, we did a little bit of sanding on the outside part of the book shelf.

Then painted it with a bluish-greenish color...seriously, I don't know what color this exactly is.  

 But I thought it looks young and it actually reminded me of my good ole grade school days "black board".  :)

Anyway, going back to the bookshelf.  I probably did 2 to 3 coats of paint.

While waiting for it to dry, I wrapped the two shelves that we removed earlier with fabric.

Once the bookshelf's been all dried good and done, it was time to cover the back of the shelf with the same fabric that used for the shelves above.  

Finally here's the book shelf after the makeover.  

But first my "personal assistant" did his spiderboy pose in front of it...isn't he just cute? :)
source of spiderman picture
Let's give this little boy a credit for helping momma, you know...and here's another spiderboy pose. :)

source of spiderman picture
And finally a picture of the book shelf by itself!  It looks kind of lonely huh? 
After seeing those pictures with my "spiderboy" in front of it.

And for the before and after.

I like it! Updates will be posted once I've moved this up to the playroom!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing this :)


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  1. What a lovely post. Your assistant is adorable. I have a 4 year old assistant as well. What sweet memories this project must have created for the both of you. I loved his spiderman poses. Oh...and the bookshelf, yeah, that looks great but your son stole the show :)

    1. it's actually more fun to me to do my projects when kids are part of it and are having fun too :) sweet memories =)

      thanks for dropping by amy!


  2. wow what a deal and it turned out just so great. Thanks for sharing it so we could all see it over at BeColorful.

    1. i'm glad you like it :) thanks for always being a nice host!


  3. its really nice after the makeover....


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