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Thursday, September 20, 2012

School Work Organization

If you would remember, I made a post about my pure intentions of organizing my preschooler's school works but got interrupted?

Well, guess what?  Sneaked out of the bed while everybody else are I could finish what I have started...

So where were we?

Oh yeah, I gathered two things - hanging folders and a crate...

Made some pretty labels for the first half of the semester and second half of the semester.
(promise, it is the same folder - i guess it's my camera that's not showing the real color of the folder :) lol

Moved all my son's school work from all around the house - countertops, kitchen island, his backpack, my purse and who knows where else?! 

Put his name in the front of the crate, like I have more than one child that goes to school!! 
hahaha  silly me!
Uhmm..I just want to make it cute :)

I put extra hanging folders just in case.

The crate is perfect because I guess it is specifically made to hold hanging folders.

There you go, now it's organized.  I am planning of purging the school work every other weekend.

Have a good weekend everyone!!



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