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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pretty Fruity Plate

Did some yard-salein over the weekend to one of my friend's house.  She is moving out of state and so she let go of a lot of personal stuff.

And so all these, i only paid for $26!!

And I cannot wait to show you where I'm going to use all these or show you the makeover part on some of these.

One of the things I bought from her, are these nice large and heavy plates for only $3.  
Yup! You heard me right, all these for three dollars, 3 large ones and 4 small ones.

They're so pretty :) that I actually used one of the large plates as a fruit plate.

Here's my pretty fruity plate!

I love it! 

Well of course it only took about 5 minutes after I took this photo for my kids to eat some of the apples!! hahah

Do you like it?



  1. That certainly is a pretty fruity plate...and it enticed your little ones to eat some apples :). Looks like you scored some fabulous finds. And, from your 'about me' section, being happiest arranging and rearranging and organizing and reorganizing your home...I can't wait to see what you do with all your new treasures {especially that table}.

    1. My kids love fruits :) it's so funny because while i was taking some photos for this post, they're waiting for me to finish so they can grab some apples!! my son actually ask me like 132 times "mommy, are you done?" lol!

      uhmm..on that table? let's see what's gonna happen with that one..

      anyway, i am so glad to see you here - thank you for stopping by...



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