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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DIY: No-Sew Pillow Case

***Update: This project got featured at Be Colorful.***
I have been wanting to make my own pillow case now and since I don’t own a sewing machine (it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I am saving money to get a good one for good), an iron-on adhesive will work for now.

And so the project began…

Went to Jo-Anns and purchased two rolls of this iron-on adhesive.

Used a flat sheet to make this pillow case, I like the pattern of the fabric.  I chose light-colored because I am going to put it in my dark-red living room set. 

It looks so busy and dark that all it needs is a calm, light and airy color. 

And I am in the process of making this happen – or else, this living room set will go to somebody else’s living room or to Goodwill.

So anyway, going back to the no-sew pillow case.

Just cut the desired size – like what I did, I just placed the pillow on top of the fabric and put 1&½ inches allowance on three sides and 5 inches allowance on one side. 

Yes- 5 inches on one side, you will find out why later on….

Place the fabric on the iron board face up then the other side of the fabric face down, then separate them like in my picture below. 

Pre-heat your iron to medium setting, while you tape the iron-on adhesive with the paper side on top all the way to the end on the fabric that’s facing up on the iron board.  I used a laundry clip to hold my iron-on tape. 

Then I started pressing the iron-on tape to the fabric all the way through.

Let it cool it down, then remove the paper of the iron-on tape. 

Then carefully place the fabric that’s facing down on top of the adhesive, making sure that the fabrics are lined up.

Then iron the fabric, 5-6 seconds at a time, until all has been pressed.  Flip the fabric on the other side and do the same thing, iron it for 5-6 seconds.

Repeat this process to all of the three sides that has 1&½ allowance.  Leaving that one side with 5 inches allowance open.

When done with the three sides, wait for it to cool down (10-15 minutes maybe)
Reverse the pillow case inside out.

 Iron the three sides again, to have a more polished and clean look, and the entire pillow case.

Wait for it to cool down or for the adhesive to adhere.  (30 minutes maybe)

Then put your pillow inside your new pillow case on the 5 inches allowance opening.

And then fold the 5 inches extra fabric inside the case, like the picture below.

Smoothen the fabric and voila! Here’s my no-sew pillow case!

Not just one but four! :)

I am surprisingly pleased with the result....I thought the tape will not hold the fabric enough and will show some opened up areas.  But nope! It looks clean and polished.

I am so happy!! What do you think?  

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  1. What do I think? I think you are one smart momma :) The pillow cases turned out beautiful. The edges are crisp and clean...better than most sewn pillow case edges are. I love that you made your own pillow...I mean, I love that you made 4 of your own pillow :) Great job!

    1. you really know how to make people smile amy :)) thank you so much for the compliment...

      see you around!!


  2. I am so impressed. As many pillow as I've made I never tried making a pillow cover. Yours turned out great. Your edges are really crisp.

    1. thank you brandi! i am surprisingly pleased myself too :))

      i still want to have one of your very own made pillows, they are just awesome!!

      thanks for stopping by, see yah!


  3. Amazing... I love all things no-sew:) Proud to be your 4th follower! High Five girl!
    Hugs, Jen @

    1. thanks jen :) thank you for being my 4th follower, you should have said "high FOUR girl!" lol!!

      really - i am so glad to have you following my blog, thank you and see you around!!


  4. You have me inspired to give this a try. Thanks for linking it up to Motivated Monday so I could feature you this week on BeColorful.

    1. You should definitely try it, it's so E-A-S-Y!

      Thanks for stopping by and for featuring this post to your Motivated Monday! love it!



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