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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Updated Entryway

Well guess what? 
I noticed last night that there are dent marks on my floor when I moved the chaise to clean up under it. 

OH NOH!!!!

And it looks like it was from the pressure of the chaise's 4 legs because the dents are from that area.

Just for everyone's information, my floor is not hardwood - it is a vinyl wood-look flooring.  

So I showed it to my hubby and we both agreed that the dent was simply because of the pressure of the chaise's weight and plus when our kids are jumping up & down on that chaise.

So we moved the chaise from our entryway and replaced it with a console table that a good friend of mine, Gladys, gave to me simply because she bought a new one and she don't need it anymore.

And this is how my entryway looks like now:

That artificial orchid right there is one of the things that I bought when I was yardsale-in, for only $2!
Remember the hamper and the basket?

Ain't it pretty? It does not look like it is artificial at all!

Look at that budding orchid! Who would say that's artificial?

Anyway, i am pleased with it for now.... 

I might be putting something under the console table because it looks bare and empty.

For now, I don't have to worry about the floor being damaged even more...

huggies ***
smart momma


  1. Love the changes you made! Your orchid is beautiful!

  2. thank you brandi! i'm so glad to see you back here :)

    see, i don't have a lot of visitors around here - at least i have you, lol!

    huggies ***
    smart momma


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