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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Started Organizing My Preschooler's School Work - BUT...

My 4-year old son takes home his completed school work everyday and he's got 3 or more papers with him every single day.

So since I have not provided an organizing bin for his school works, normally he or I would just place it in the kitchen counter top.

The picture below is not so bad because this was taken on a Monday.  By the end of the week all of my son's school work has piled up in this area of my counter top.

So yesterday, I started the process of organizing his school work. 

Got two things - hanging folders and a crate...

I was already in the mood to do the organizing process but then....

I got interrupted by my little girl and my son....  My lil girl, was trying to reach the refrigerator door because she wanted some milk and my son wanted to watch his favorite movie for the past 2 weeks, Real Steel...

Oh well, as the saying goes... source:IheartOrganizing

And so - the school work organizing process has not been's gonna be on another post...

see yah! gtg! my kids need my kisses and huggies***smartmomma

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  1. I've never seen that saying before, so thanks for sharing that...and thanks for preparing me for what is to come. My daughter starts preschool on Tuesday. I might have to implement this system before I find myself going crazy with the papers :)

    1. yeah, i think that's a good idea to plan ahead and implement a system before school starts...well, i would not have known that he will be getting this much of school work, knowing that he is just a preschooler :( i guess the younger your child is, the more paper they bring home to show you :)

      goodluck to you and thank you for dropping by - see you next time!!


  2. You, I can tell by your post are such a good momma. Enjoy these early years.
    Thanks for sharing on BeColorful.

    1. thank you so much, i try hard to be a good mom and i appreciate my mom and my dad even more now that i am a mom :)

      my kids at their age now are so much fun!!

      thanks for dropping by and see you next time...



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