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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Puzzle Mat: From Floor to Wall

Yeah, I used a puzzle mat as an artwork display holder for my pre-schooler son.

After organizing the playroom last week, I have been thinking of ways on how and what to use as my son's artwork display holder..

....and like a light bulb moment ~ ~ ~

why not use two pieces of the puzzle mats and use it as an artwork display holder!!

i feel like a genius!!! hahaha

You will only need three supplies - right, THREE supplies:

1) puzzle mats
2) laundry clips
3) hot glue

First, I guestimated the center if the puzzle mat is to be divided into two by placing two of my son's school work.  This is because I wanted to put two laundry clips on each mat.

And then, put some hot glue on the laundry clip - one clip at a time.

Then my son came and asked me what I was doing and excitedly told him that it's going to be his artwork display holder!

He got excited and wanted to help and he got more excited when I finished one puzzle mat!

There he is - looking excited! lol!!

And he got eeeven more excited when I finished the two puzzle mats!! lmao!! isn't he CUTE?!!

My son can't wait to hang his artworks - so we went to the playroom and hang the puzzle mats artwork display holder.  I just used command adhesives to adhere these two little cuties on the wall.

And here it is!

a closer shot ... is it just me or what? this one does not look like it is on the wall, huh!

Right after taking this picture, my son put up his artworks!

I am so happy that he is happy!! This is one of the million reasons why I love being a MOM!!

So here it is with my son's artwork display.

And more pictures :)

So there it is - puzzle mat from floor to wall.

Cost = $0 (so happy)
Time Spent = about 15-20 minutes
Satisfaction Guaranteed!! Especially for your kids!!

love, love, love it!!
What about you? Do you ever do something out of the box? Please feel free to share....

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  1. i think u are a genius!! this is a clever idea. and your son looks like he really love it!!

    1. thanks for affirming that i am a genius, lol!! kidding aside, you are so right my son loves it a lot!!

      thanks for dropping by and see you next time!


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