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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Puzzle Mat: From Floor to Wall

Yeah, I used a puzzle mat as an artwork display holder for my pre-schooler son.

After organizing the playroom last week, I have been thinking of ways on how and what to use as my son's artwork display holder..

....and like a light bulb moment ~ ~ ~

why not use two pieces of the puzzle mats and use it as an artwork display holder!!

i feel like a genius!!! hahaha

You will only need three supplies - right, THREE supplies:

1) puzzle mats
2) laundry clips
3) hot glue

First, I guestimated the center if the puzzle mat is to be divided into two by placing two of my son's school work.  This is because I wanted to put two laundry clips on each mat.

And then, put some hot glue on the laundry clip - one clip at a time.

Then my son came and asked me what I was doing and excitedly told him that it's going to be his artwork display holder!

He got excited and wanted to help and he got more excited when I finished one puzzle mat!

There he is - looking excited! lol!!

And he got eeeven more excited when I finished the two puzzle mats!! lmao!! isn't he CUTE?!!

My son can't wait to hang his artworks - so we went to the playroom and hang the puzzle mats artwork display holder.  I just used command adhesives to adhere these two little cuties on the wall.

And here it is!

a closer shot ... is it just me or what? this one does not look like it is on the wall, huh!

Right after taking this picture, my son put up his artworks!

I am so happy that he is happy!! This is one of the million reasons why I love being a MOM!!

So here it is with my son's artwork display.

And more pictures :)

So there it is - puzzle mat from floor to wall.

Cost = $0 (so happy)
Time Spent = about 15-20 minutes
Satisfaction Guaranteed!! Especially for your kids!!

love, love, love it!!
What about you? Do you ever do something out of the box? Please feel free to share....

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Started Organizing My Preschooler's School Work - BUT...

My 4-year old son takes home his completed school work everyday and he's got 3 or more papers with him every single day.

So since I have not provided an organizing bin for his school works, normally he or I would just place it in the kitchen counter top.

The picture below is not so bad because this was taken on a Monday.  By the end of the week all of my son's school work has piled up in this area of my counter top.

So yesterday, I started the process of organizing his school work. 

Got two things - hanging folders and a crate...

I was already in the mood to do the organizing process but then....

I got interrupted by my little girl and my son....  My lil girl, was trying to reach the refrigerator door because she wanted some milk and my son wanted to watch his favorite movie for the past 2 weeks, Real Steel...

Oh well, as the saying goes... source:IheartOrganizing

And so - the school work organizing process has not been's gonna be on another post...

see yah! gtg! my kids need my kisses and huggies***smartmomma

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Organized Playroom

Let's face it, it's pretty hard to keep up with a 4-year old boy and an almost 2-year old girl.  

They have their own toys and I don't know why but their toys seem to grow (uhm...they multiply :) i mean..
grow not in size but in numbers =)

There were no major organizing furnitures (or any fancy pantsy stuff) that I brought in the playroom but instead I we, my kids helped, organized the playroom a little bit.

Here are the before pictures.

view from the door...

This is so you see what I am trying to say...

Those boxes are used by my son whenever he wants to play transformers.

I actually found some broken toys that my kids no longer use.


Move most of the toys to the plastic cabinet drawers.

And now it looks like this.

I just wish in the future I can put more storage systems in here and a gallery wall where they can hang their arts and crafts.

More seating maybe....and a television for the kids to watch their movies.

But nevertheless, I am so happy with the result - no money spent during this organizing process at all!!

huggies ***
smart momma

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Black to Yellow Photo Frame :)

Hey guys!  I hope you all had a good weekend, I did :)

Did a quick project over the weekend ~ turned a photo frame from black to yellow!

Here's my photo frame before:

Spray painted it with yellow!  I removed the glass and the other stuff attached to the frame first.

 And here it is after painting....

Easy - peasy ...just left it there for the rest of the day.

Put the glass back then a picture.

I should learn how to take a better picture :)  

This post will surely be edited later on - when I get a better picture :)

How about you? Did you do a big project over the weekend or was just like me ~ did an easy-peasy one :)

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