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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What's in My Bag?

I just finished reading Megan's of Honey We're Home, post "What's in My Bag?" - and it inspired me to show what's also inside my bag...why not?  

My bag is not organized all the time every time - well, with 2 young kids (18-month old girl and a 4-year old boy) they could easily sneak in their toys and food in my bag!  
And I do too - 
put some sippy cup, diapers and wipes in my bag just so I don't have to carry a diaper bag around.

BUT - I can easily clean it up before I start the process of showing it to you guys what's in it, lol! 

Really, this is a perfect time to do it because smart momma has a new Michael Kors bag!!  

Wouldn't be such a shame to be carrying a Michael Kors bag but when take a look inside it's as messy as it can be?

Thanks to you Megan of Honey We're Home for inspiring me to clean up my bag :)

So here it is!  (of course, the cleaner version, lol!)

***************   a makeup case 

with these inside:

1-nail clipper; 2-hair tie; 3-lubricating & rewetting drops (for my contacts)
4-lip & cheek tint; 5-blistex lip balm; 6-clinique lip gloss
7-small mirror (hubby bought from japan); 8-snap clip

and these:

9-hand sanitizer; 10-bath & body sweat pea body mist
11-bath & body sweat pea lotion

then my mascara 

and then a pouch wallet with three compartments...
first compartment holds receipts & coins; second holds the camera & the third holds the charger

car keys, my iphone and camera (with charger and usb connector)

a clear organizing bag that holds my checkbook, coupons, pen, gum & misc stuff...

and finally my wallet and sunglasses ****

there you go, that's what's in my bag...

what about you? would you let me see what's in your bag? 

Join me in this "What's In Your Bag?" Link Party!!

3 smart momma's linky rules:

ONE - leave a comment to any of my posts, i love to hear comments from my readers!
TWO - then visit any of the blogs in this party and leave a comment too! bloggers love visitors!
THREE - finally, make sure to put a text link at the bottomw of the post that you are sharing in my linky party

if you don't want to share what's in your bag just yet, you may want to share an organized space in your lovely home - it may be your closet, bedroom, laundry, etc....
Okay, here you go!! it's linky party time!! 


  1. Hey Hun! Linked Up!!! Thanks for hosting!
    Hugs, Jen @ frazzled5

    1. this is so exciting for me because it's my first linky party and you are my first visitor that shared your blog!!

      thank's for dropping by..

      huggies ***
      smart momma

  2. Good luck with your link party! I added a couple of extra links to get you started.


    1. hi noreen! thank you for taking time to join in my linky party..

      this is my first one so i am beyond excited to have more than one blogger to join in this linky party!!

      i really hope to see you next time here in my blog...

      btw, i checked out your links and that sparkly angel is really cool!

      huggies ***
      smart momma


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