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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Quick Fix: Messy Laundry Hideout

It was a fun Saturday for me ~ my mom-in-law and I went yardsale'in.  
Spent a total of $6.00 and my favorite find is the hamper that I got for $1.00!!!

When I saw it, I knew that it would be of good use when this hamper goes home with smart momma.

There is really nothing wrong with it ~ except for some discoloration on the lid ~ otherwise, looks useful to me.
Just a quick clean with clorox wipes and spray it with lysol disinfectant spray and the hamper is ready.

1-@-A-Time:  Messy Laundry Hideout!

Our laundry room is downstairs and so we just put our clothes that need some washing/drying in a laundry basket (including my kids' dirty clothes, they all go to the laundry basket) to our master closet.

This same laundry basket is what I use to transport the laundry from upstairs to the laundry room downstairs.

Sometimes when I am doing my laundry and the basket is downstairs and then there are dirty clothes, we all just put those in a corner in our master closet until the laundry basket is brought back to the master closet, then I pick up all these clothes and put it in the basket.  

not a very good sight at all!!

So I used that hamper in our master bedroom closet, stuff all the dirty clothes inside it and looks a lot better now!!

One small thing organized! yay!

I did not take the full picture of the closet yet as the closet is an ongoing organizing project.

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