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Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY: Memo Board

We have a magnetic clip that we put beside our refrigerator and that's where we hang important reminders.

It does not look very attractive : (

So I thought of making my own memo board and attach it to the inside of our pantry cabinet door.  I've been seeing a lot of use of the inside door in the blogland.
It's a good place to put a memo board because this is the most opened door in the kitchen ~ well besides the refrigerator, of course :)

So I got a piece of cardboard ~ cut it to my desired size.

Cut a nice fabric to cover the cardboard with 2 inches allowance on all sides.

Placed the fabric upside down on a table, then placed the cardboard on top of it.

I used spray adhesive to adhere the ends of the fabric to the cardboard.  Make sure to check the other side for wrinkles before adhering the fabric to the cardboard. 

Attached velcro on the 4 corners of the cardboard.

Placed the memo board on the pantry cabinet door and now it looks like this!

love, love it :)

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