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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Closet Control: Changing Kids' Hangers

So after a little over 3 months since we moved to our new house ~ the kids' room have finally have my attention.

Started with my son's clothes drawer ~ by putting some DIY dividers on it to make it neat and organized.  

I will be posting a series that will talk all about "closet organization" - that I will call "Closet Control".  

I will be starting that series with this one ~ the kids' closet ~ that looked like this.

Kiddos like it I think ~ probably they think it is a good place to hide and seek, lol!

The clothes are in different kinds of hangers.

As you can also see ~ my son's and my daughter's clothes are all mixed up together.  Most of my son's clothes are on the top shelf and my daughter's are on the lower shelf.

 ~ ~ ~ and so I thought of starting from an easy one ~ ~ ~
sorting their clothes & moving the clothes to a uniform hangers.

blue hangers for him

pink hangers for her

My son's pants are in white hangers that are clip-type.

Does it look a lot better yet?  

Keep on coming back as I will be posting more of this organizing project.

See yah!


  1. It's looking great already! Can't wait to see the after pictures!

    good luck and have fun!

  2. thank you Melissa, I will definitely post more pictures after I am done organizing the closet.

    thanks for dropping by,

    smart momma

  3. Hello! I am awarding you the Sunshine Award! You can read about it here:


    1. aw!! i am beyond excited!!! actually am giddy to the highest level!!

      my first award in my blogging world :)

      thank you so much teresa!

      smart momma


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