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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cables and Chargers Organization!

When I saw this box in my workplace, just laying around near our trash bins...

I knew that I will be turning this bland box to a fab box.

It looks sturdy and the size of it can definitely accommodate a lot of stuff that needs to be organized.

And so I wrapped the box with the fabric I brought from JoAnns.  

This fabric has been used to wrap a lot of boxes and it is all over my house now 
- used it in my memo board
- and more!

Okay - let's move on to what this post is all about.  After wrapping the box with the fabric, it looks like this:

Placed dividers inside - I just used a cardboard, wrapped it with white paper and adhere it to the box using a hot glue.  (sorry, I don't have photos while doing this...i got carried away, lol!)

Stuff the cables and chargers inside the box and looks like this:

yay!! looks organized now! 

if you will notice, i put chargers in a ziploc and label them individually....

and then i label each slots for easy identification...

and it looks a lot better!!!  
and then i used a velcro to hold the lid closed...

thank you jen of iheartorganizing for this inspiration....

huggies ***

smart momma


  1. Clever idea! Love this!

    PS. Your email shows as a no reply blogger. Which basically means if you leave a comment I can not respond to you through email. To change this, go to your blogger dashboard, click "edit user profile", then check "show my email address" and save!

    1. thanks for dropping by brandi!

      huggies ***
      smart momma

      ps: i tried to change my user profile so that you can respond me through email...i guess it's working now :(

  2. Thank you for your comment on Mark's pillow! He's hilarious isn't he! Love him! Sad thing is, he wasn't exaggerating! Ha! I tried to respond to your comment, but it's still showing as no reply.

    1. yes! he's hilarious! and you are hilarious too!

      anyway - i don't know what to do, so it would not show as no reply anymore :(

    2. okay brandi, i figure it out already...try replying to my comment if it still would show as no reply...

      i was on google + and i went back to regular blogger...

      just let me know if it works now...

      huggies ***
      smart momma


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