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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What's in My Bag?

I just finished reading Megan's of Honey We're Home, post "What's in My Bag?" - and it inspired me to show what's also inside my bag...why not?  

My bag is not organized all the time every time - well, with 2 young kids (18-month old girl and a 4-year old boy) they could easily sneak in their toys and food in my bag!  
And I do too - 
put some sippy cup, diapers and wipes in my bag just so I don't have to carry a diaper bag around.

BUT - I can easily clean it up before I start the process of showing it to you guys what's in it, lol! 

Really, this is a perfect time to do it because smart momma has a new Michael Kors bag!!  

Wouldn't be such a shame to be carrying a Michael Kors bag but when take a look inside it's as messy as it can be?

Thanks to you Megan of Honey We're Home for inspiring me to clean up my bag :)

So here it is!  (of course, the cleaner version, lol!)

***************   a makeup case 

with these inside:

1-nail clipper; 2-hair tie; 3-lubricating & rewetting drops (for my contacts)
4-lip & cheek tint; 5-blistex lip balm; 6-clinique lip gloss
7-small mirror (hubby bought from japan); 8-snap clip

and these:

9-hand sanitizer; 10-bath & body sweat pea body mist
11-bath & body sweat pea lotion

then my mascara 

and then a pouch wallet with three compartments...
first compartment holds receipts & coins; second holds the camera & the third holds the charger

car keys, my iphone and camera (with charger and usb connector)

a clear organizing bag that holds my checkbook, coupons, pen, gum & misc stuff...

and finally my wallet and sunglasses ****

there you go, that's what's in my bag...

what about you? would you let me see what's in your bag? 

Join me in this "What's In Your Bag?" Link Party!!

3 smart momma's linky rules:

ONE - leave a comment to any of my posts, i love to hear comments from my readers!
TWO - then visit any of the blogs in this party and leave a comment too! bloggers love visitors!
THREE - finally, make sure to put a text link at the bottomw of the post that you are sharing in my linky party

if you don't want to share what's in your bag just yet, you may want to share an organized space in your lovely home - it may be your closet, bedroom, laundry, etc....
Okay, here you go!! it's linky party time!! 

Laundry Room Door Sign *** humorous

Gotta share this one!  

The vanity room door and laundry room door are across each other, so whenever we have some guests at home they're always confused which one's which.

So, I bought a door sign from Gordman's a week ago and hung it in my laundry room door.

It's so cute and has a humor in it, that's why I am posting it!

what about you? are you always serious about choosing your house decor? or you incorporate some sense of humor?

huggies ***
smart momma

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cables and Chargers Organization!

When I saw this box in my workplace, just laying around near our trash bins...

I knew that I will be turning this bland box to a fab box.

It looks sturdy and the size of it can definitely accommodate a lot of stuff that needs to be organized.

And so I wrapped the box with the fabric I brought from JoAnns.  

This fabric has been used to wrap a lot of boxes and it is all over my house now 
- used it in my memo board
- and more!

Okay - let's move on to what this post is all about.  After wrapping the box with the fabric, it looks like this:

Placed dividers inside - I just used a cardboard, wrapped it with white paper and adhere it to the box using a hot glue.  (sorry, I don't have photos while doing this...i got carried away, lol!)

Stuff the cables and chargers inside the box and looks like this:

yay!! looks organized now! 

if you will notice, i put chargers in a ziploc and label them individually....

and then i label each slots for easy identification...

and it looks a lot better!!!  
and then i used a velcro to hold the lid closed...

thank you jen of iheartorganizing for this inspiration....

huggies ***

smart momma

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Proudly Featured in Simply Savvy!

Hi All!! I just want to share that I am so flattered that my entryway is featured in Simply Savvy's post on:

Thank you so much Julie! I know that my entry way is not as awesome as the rest...and it's not a "magazine photo shoot kind of pretty" but I am proud that it is being featured in her post!

Monday, July 23, 2012

My first MK handbag!

Remember I mentioned it in my Sunshine Award post last week, that I am on a search of a handbag...

I am so excited because I bought one already - we had the chance to go to the Premium Outlet Mall in Edinburgh. 

And this is what I picked!!! (Michael Kors Braided Grommet Tote)

I initially liked this one below when I was looking online...

but when I actually get the chance to see it, i like the one that i bought (err my hubby bought) is really nice and it's not very heavy..

So here - let's take a look at my Michael Kors handbag....

what's in the paper bag?

okay, let's take a peek....

let's pull it out of the paper..
ta da!!! my first MK handbag!!! so love it!!

 i love how the material feels in my hand...
it's made of natural straw.... 

let's take a look inside my MK handbag...  there are four open pockets with one zip pocket..

Like I've said, this is my first MK bag!! 

I like how open it is, very accessible because it only closes with magnetic tab...

lllooooveee it!! how about you? do you have a new bag? what kind of bags do you like?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sunshine Award!

Aw! I am bee-yond excited!!! Actually am giddy to the highest level!!

In my four years of blogging, I finally received my first award ever in the blogging world. 
 I got the "Sunshine Award".

Teresa of Smart and Simple Organizing has chosen me as one of her sunshine awardees.  

Like I have said, I've never received a blogging award before and I am so thankful to Teresa for choosing me and for taking time to read my blogs.  I am very flattered...

It's really nice to know that somebody out there is actually reading my blog (i thought  it was just me, lol!)

So here's how the award works:

First, you should thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.  Next, answer the following questions about yourself.  Then, choose 10 of your favourite bloggers and link their blogs to your post.  Be sure to let them know that you are nominating them for the award.  Last, be sure to copy and paste the award to your blog!

Here are my answers to the questions:

1.  Favorite color - Yellow! Since I was a child, I've been a yellow color fanatic.  I don't know why but it makes my day brighter ~ like the sun and it makes me feel happier....wink ***

I have yellow belts and yellow ballet flats that I use as my pop-out color on my attire in some days.  I have been on a search of buying a yellow purse.
My favorites are:
Michael Kors Tote - it's $298, gotta save some money or wait 'till this goes on sale!
Gianni Bini Hobo - it's $49.50 on sale at Dillards, originally $99 ( i might get this but have to see it in person first)
Antonio Melani Tote - it's $49.50 on sale at Dillards,  originally $99
Okay! Let's not be sidetracked, on to the next question....

2.  Favorite animal - idk, I am not really into animals or pets, no offense meant to all the pet lovers in the world...but a favorite animal? uhmm...maybe a dog...because they are cute to look at, especially the fluffy cute!

3.  Favorite number -  7! because it seems to be my lucky number...

4.  Favorite drink - Mountain Dew baby!! not the diet one, the regular mountain dew ~ i like to enjoy the "real thing"

5.  Facebook or Twitter - Facebook!  I don't get twitter, it's like texting a message to the whole world.
I haven't tried it though and not a single one of my friends that is into twitter that I know of.

6.  Good book or good movie - Good movie definitely! I like comedy-romance and chick flicks kind of movies.

I am such a huge fan of Channing Tatum, he is such a hottie!!! My husband refers Channing as his wife's boyfried, lol!!
  I used to read good books before I had my husband and my kids, but things changed and I'd rather spend time with them than reading a book.

7.  My passion - my hubby and my kids! They are my everything!! and of course blogging about organizing and designing and anything that pops into my head.

8. Giving or getting gifts - Giving! I love litting up other people's eyes when they get one!
Especially my kids, when I tell them I have a surprise for them and let them close their eyes and then give them a present (little things, like a piece of chocolate, an ice cream bar, etc)....
my-oh-my! I love to see their surprise faces!priceless! 

I like getting gifts too ~ on anniversaries, valentines day and birthdays, we could use some "bling-bling" here and "bling-bling" there! haha

9.  Favorite day - Fridays! Because it's the last day of the workweek and I know that there will be two days after Friday that I could spend fun times with my hubby and my kids!!

10.  Favorite flower - Roses!  I just love roses ~ thorns not included :)

So there are some things you probably didn't know about me.  These awards are a neat way to share things about ourselves that wouldn't necessarily come up in our posts or "about me" pages.

Here are the 10 blogs that I would like to give the Sunshine Award to (in no particular order):

1) Smart and Simple Organizing

2) IHeart Organizing

3) A Thoughtful Place

4) Honey We're Home

5) Decor Chick

6) Lovely Organization

7) Simply Savvy

8) Chaotically Creative

9) Just a Girl

10) Young House Love

I find inspiring things on each of these blogs!  Please check out their wonderful blogs and see all the great things they have shared.

Congrats to all of you.  You deserve it!

Thanks again to Teresa for awarding me the Sunshine Award!

On the side note, I had a lot of fun answering the questions and choosing my 10 blogs ~ all of these blogs are my daily inspiration to organize even more.  I don't read the news everyday because it makes me feel down and sad, rather I read these blogs and it makes me inspired!

My life is happier to find some new friends here in the blogworld.

huggies ****

smart momma

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Closet Control: Kid's Dresser & Boxes

So remember I posted about organizing the kids closet Tuesday, July 10 and I started with using uniform hangers.

So last night, I moved one of the small dresser inside the closet.  Well, I found out later on when I started re-arranging clothes from one drawer to another, that the third drawer from the top is ~ ~ ~ "BROKEN". 

The L-angle that holds the screw are broken, well they're made of plastic, so I was not surprised.

Hubby said it is not the end of the world for the dresser ~ it is fixable.  All it needs is four L-angles and it will be fine.

Meantime, I continued with the organizing process, after moving in the dresser to the closet.  

I moved my lil girl's undies, socks & bibs in a plastic box that we bought a couple of days ago at Gordman's for $2.99/each.  Really cute and fun colors, bought pink for my lil girl and green for my lil boy.  

The green box is still empty as I am not done with this organization project yet.

On top of the dresser and under the shelves, there is an empty space.  

So I rolled some comfy blankets to fit in that space..

After's all been good and done, here is the before and after picture.

Nope! I am not yet done with this project! look at that drawer right there!! 

Things that needs to be done: (in no particular order)

* buy four L-angles - to fix the drawer
* move the lil boy's clothes to the left side of the dresser
* boxes or baskets to accommodate little things like beanies, neckties, etc
* hanging shelves 

it seems like it is easy but when you're into it - itsalottawork!!

I personally think, it looks a lot better now...but keep on coming back for updates, okay!  

huggies ***
smart momma

Friday, July 13, 2012

Basket for Hand Towels

As I posted the 1st of this month, my mother-in-law and I was yardsale'in and spent $6 for some things.

One of the things that I got was a basket ~ and the seller just gave it to me for FREE :) sweet eh!

The basket is sooo "fabby" (i'm not sure if there's such word :), but here take a look at it!!

I like its color because it's gold and almost yellow, my favorite color.

Anyway, I thought of using it to put in some toiletries in our vanity room downstairs but because of its shape the bottles would not stay up and has the tendency to tip over.

I just used one of my bland to fab boxes to hold the toiletries and there's actually room for more.  I could buy more lotion, hand sanitizers and air fresheners.

So I used the basket to hold the hand towels in our vanity room.  Rolled four towels and the basket holds 'em all just right. :)

Here's the full picture of our vanity room shelves.

I really like it!  It makes me happy everytime I go in and knowing that the basket is free and I made the box ~ sweet :)

what do you think?

update: i have installed a really pretty shelf liner on this open shelving already (see photo below), if you want to read about that, click it here.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Closet Control: Changing Kids' Hangers

So after a little over 3 months since we moved to our new house ~ the kids' room have finally have my attention.

Started with my son's clothes drawer ~ by putting some DIY dividers on it to make it neat and organized.  

I will be posting a series that will talk all about "closet organization" - that I will call "Closet Control".  

I will be starting that series with this one ~ the kids' closet ~ that looked like this.

Kiddos like it I think ~ probably they think it is a good place to hide and seek, lol!

The clothes are in different kinds of hangers.

As you can also see ~ my son's and my daughter's clothes are all mixed up together.  Most of my son's clothes are on the top shelf and my daughter's are on the lower shelf.

 ~ ~ ~ and so I thought of starting from an easy one ~ ~ ~
sorting their clothes & moving the clothes to a uniform hangers.

blue hangers for him

pink hangers for her

My son's pants are in white hangers that are clip-type.

Does it look a lot better yet?  

Keep on coming back as I will be posting more of this organizing project.

See yah!

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