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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quick Fix: Organize your kitchen drawer

Quick Fix: Organize your kitchen drawer!

Organizing is a constant thing to do and for me to successfully do it, you have to do it "1-@-A-Time" (one at a time).  

But even with that I still have the urge to do something smaller to motivate me to achieve something bigger.

I was feeling exhausted with working on a big project garage attack today.  You know that "i am not going anywhere with this" feeling?  Because there's just too much work to do?  That was me a while ago.

So I went inside and had a glass of water, right beside the refrigerator is our kitchen utensils.  And I thought of doing a quick organizing on that drawer, just so I can say that "i did some organizing today".  It's going to be quick and easy.

And so I did...

This is how the drawer looked like before.

Always a believer of "start from scratch", so I took out all the utensils from the drawer.  Cleaned the drawer.

Placed a drawer divider I already owned.

Had some nice and pretty liner that I could use to line the left side of the drawer that was not covered by the divider.

Arranged back all the kitchen utensils in the drawer and here's what it looks now!

Now here's the before & after pic.

Now i feel a little better...need to go back to my garage attack project...

c yah!

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