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Thursday, June 14, 2012

My first fab fabric-covered box!

As you know I have been transforming some boxes in my house already from bland to fab, but with a craft paper and table cloth.

But after reading iheartorganizing's post on how to cover boxes with fabric here, I tried to diy my first fabric-covered box.

So I have this bland box.

And I have this really pretty fabric that I bought from Joanns ~ ironed it first.

Just used a glue stick and glue spray to adhere it to the box ~ started at the inside bottom first then the remaining sides of the inside box.
Take note, that to have a straight line I folded the ends of the fabric before gluing it to the box.

Then covered the outside of the box with the fabric.

After gluing the fabric to the box, the inside now looks like this.

And the outside bottom looks like this ~ I did not cover the outside bottom of the box since it will not be seen when the box is in use.

 And voila!! Here's my first fab fabric-covered box!!

Do you see the missed spots? Yeah, I need more practice in doing this because I still miss to cover some small spots. :)

Isn't it awesome!!!


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