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Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Bland to Fab Boxes

After posting about my fascination of turning bland to fab box, I did not stopped looking.  

Ihearorganzing is by far my favorite organizing blog ever, so I searched her blog under storage solutions with the hope of finding something I can DIY without robbing our bank.  

I got so inspired when I read iheartorganizing's fabric covered boxes that I wanted to wrap every single box in our house with either a craft paper or a nice fabric :) lol!!

so i have this bland shoe box

  and have this nice and pretty table cloth

I just followed how iheartorganizing covered her box in her project here, cut the table cloth to fit the bottom of the box

used some spray paint to adhere the table cloth to the bottom of the box

then covered the inside of the box, on the very end ~ I folded it two times to create some style

after attaching it to the  box ~ it now looks like this!

used the box in my laundry room as our drop off box ~ sunglassess(mine, hubby's, son's & daughter's), hubby's & son's caps, etc.

so far I am so pleased with, love it!!


  1. Great way to reuse the box. It looks great!

    1. glad you like it brandi!

      thanks for dropping by....

      huggies ***
      smart momma


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