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Monday, June 4, 2012

Finally Organized UnderSink Kitchen Cabinet

After we moved to our new house, we just basically unpacked and stack and put our things to where they are supposed to but like my entire house, it is still in constant organizing & designing stage.

Last week, I tackled the cabinet under the kitchen sink.

Why? I think I can finish it fast because of its size and it's one of the places guests can easily run into.

If somebody's looking for some cleaning supplies, dish washing soap or hand soap - that SOMEBODY will see this mess under the kitchen sink cabinet!!! and embarrassment will be the word of the moment!!

You want to take a closer look? here it is!!

the left side of the cabinet

the right side of the cabinet

Are you feeling the itch to organize it yet? 
No? Here's more, I found a plastic bag full of cleaning supplies - sponges, scrubs, etc.

Now you feel it!! We are on the same page now.

So I got some baskets and bins that I can use in organizing this cabinet.

Found this caddy at Big Lots for $1.50 each.

And this dishpan for $2.50

 And finally, found this stacking shelf at Menards.

And so I started the fun part!!

I took everything out of the cabinet ~ ~ cleaned it (sorry no pictures, I got carried  away with the cleaning task :))

Placed the cleaning supplies in the dishpan.

Placed the sponges, scrubs & brushes in the caddy.

Placed insect killer, fire extinquisher & other supplies in another caddy.

I placed the stacking shelf at the very back of the cabinet because there are hoses (for washing machine, or water, idk what those are for).

~~~~~~~~~~   Finally - here it is after all my hardwork :)

And my favorite - the before and after picture!

I'm not yet done with this one ~ are you thinking what I'm thinking? nice wallpaper? yeah! tie the hoses together? yeah! 

sigh! so many things to do, so little time!!

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  1. So many great solutions! Congrats on a zone well organized! :) It looks as though it will be really simple to maintain as well, which is a huge win!


    1. yeah, you're right jen!

      it's been quite a while now that i organized this cabinet and it still looks the same!

      thanks for dropping by....

      huggies ***
      smart momma

  2. Stopping by via the Fun friday blog hop!I definitely need to do some under the sink organizing in my kitchen! It a madhouse down there lol

    1. thanks shaina, i'm glad you stopped by :)

      see you next time!



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