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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Decorative Jewelry Display

There is an old cork board in my office that nobody is using.

It's pretty beat up because the wood frame around it is coming off already... 

But other than that, it looks fine to me - especially the cork board.
Then I had this light bulb moment! I am going to use it to DIY a decorative jewelry display!

So i removed the wood frame from the cork board...i'm sorry cork board & wood frame ~ i know you want to be together :(

Then I remembered that I have a pretty scarf from Japan that my office mate, Jenny, gave me, a couple of months ago.  

So, I iron the scarf first because there are wrinkle spots from folding it.

No, I am not left-handed ~ i just hold the iron with my left hand because it is easier for me to hold the camera and take pictures with my right hand :)

So place the scarf pretty face down and put the cork board on top.

I just used a glue stick to adhere the pretty scarf to the back of the cork board.

And the corner ~ I just did the hospital bed fold then glued it to the back of the cork board.

Remember to pull the other side before gluing it to, so that there will be no bubble and it would also help if you peek the front before finally gluing it ~ you know, just to make sure it's all straighten and pretty.

So here it is!

And found a spot for it already - I placed it above my first fashion jewelry display holder!

And I think it looks awesome!!

I have not hang any jewelries in there yet ~ but it won't take long :)

hope you guys love it as much as I do!

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