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Monday, June 25, 2012

Part 2-Garage Attack! Boxing & Behind the Curtain

So I considered the suggestions of my blogfriends to go through with my garage stuff and categorize them.

Over the weekend, I was able to put some of these stuff in a box.

So far, I was able to put the halloween decors & costumes in 2 boxes.

And then placed all the winter shoes in a large tote.

Then I considered the tips of A Thoughtful Place Blog here, see below:

And so, I bought some curtains to cover up my shelving units and here's how it looks now.

I know, it's not as good as my inspiration but it is a lot better than what it was before.

Here's the before & after picture.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quick Fix: Organize your kitchen drawer

Quick Fix: Organize your kitchen drawer!

Organizing is a constant thing to do and for me to successfully do it, you have to do it "1-@-A-Time" (one at a time).  

But even with that I still have the urge to do something smaller to motivate me to achieve something bigger.

I was feeling exhausted with working on a big project garage attack today.  You know that "i am not going anywhere with this" feeling?  Because there's just too much work to do?  That was me a while ago.

So I went inside and had a glass of water, right beside the refrigerator is our kitchen utensils.  And I thought of doing a quick organizing on that drawer, just so I can say that "i did some organizing today".  It's going to be quick and easy.

And so I did...

This is how the drawer looked like before.

Always a believer of "start from scratch", so I took out all the utensils from the drawer.  Cleaned the drawer.

Placed a drawer divider I already owned.

Had some nice and pretty liner that I could use to line the left side of the drawer that was not covered by the divider.

Arranged back all the kitchen utensils in the drawer and here's what it looks now!

Now here's the before & after pic.

Now i feel a little better...need to go back to my garage attack project...

c yah!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Part 1-Garage Attack! Needs Some Lovin'

Since we moved to this new house in March this year - there are still a lot of unpacking and organizing that needs to be done.  

Our garage as a whole is not so bad, because we can still park both mr. & mrs.'s cars inside the garage.

But if you will take a look at the shelving units ~ you will definitely have a garage attack!! eekk!!

As you can see, I actually tried to organize them ~ just to put them on the shelving unit was actually a lot of work!! :)

Anyway, let's stop "my garage is not soo bad" moment.  
I need to come up with something, step up and do what this garage needs after all ~ some love!!!

So the plan is, this weekend a special garage make-over will happen....

And the big reveal will be next week!!

So meantime, do you have any suggestions on how to give my garage some loving?

Thanks for dropping by,
Smart Momma

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Decorative Jewelry Display

There is an old cork board in my office that nobody is using.

It's pretty beat up because the wood frame around it is coming off already... 

But other than that, it looks fine to me - especially the cork board.
Then I had this light bulb moment! I am going to use it to DIY a decorative jewelry display!

So i removed the wood frame from the cork board...i'm sorry cork board & wood frame ~ i know you want to be together :(

Then I remembered that I have a pretty scarf from Japan that my office mate, Jenny, gave me, a couple of months ago.  

So, I iron the scarf first because there are wrinkle spots from folding it.

No, I am not left-handed ~ i just hold the iron with my left hand because it is easier for me to hold the camera and take pictures with my right hand :)

So place the scarf pretty face down and put the cork board on top.

I just used a glue stick to adhere the pretty scarf to the back of the cork board.

And the corner ~ I just did the hospital bed fold then glued it to the back of the cork board.

Remember to pull the other side before gluing it to, so that there will be no bubble and it would also help if you peek the front before finally gluing it ~ you know, just to make sure it's all straighten and pretty.

So here it is!

And found a spot for it already - I placed it above my first fashion jewelry display holder!

And I think it looks awesome!!

I have not hang any jewelries in there yet ~ but it won't take long :)

hope you guys love it as much as I do!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My first fab fabric-covered box!

As you know I have been transforming some boxes in my house already from bland to fab, but with a craft paper and table cloth.

But after reading iheartorganizing's post on how to cover boxes with fabric here, I tried to diy my first fabric-covered box.

So I have this bland box.

And I have this really pretty fabric that I bought from Joanns ~ ironed it first.

Just used a glue stick and glue spray to adhere it to the box ~ started at the inside bottom first then the remaining sides of the inside box.
Take note, that to have a straight line I folded the ends of the fabric before gluing it to the box.

Then covered the outside of the box with the fabric.

After gluing the fabric to the box, the inside now looks like this.

And the outside bottom looks like this ~ I did not cover the outside bottom of the box since it will not be seen when the box is in use.

 And voila!! Here's my first fab fabric-covered box!!

Do you see the missed spots? Yeah, I need more practice in doing this because I still miss to cover some small spots. :)

Isn't it awesome!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bar Stools Update: Here it is!!

Remember I made a post right before the Memorial Day weekend, about which bar stools should we buy.

And then on Memorial Day, Value City had my number one pick on sale for $29.99 that used to be for $49.99!!  So we bought 4 bar stools and saved a whooping $80!!!

Finally! The wait is over, we picked up our bar stools last Thursday.  Hubby assembled it (luv you hubby) and now it is in our divine kitchen by the kitchen island!!

I am so pleased to present our kitchen island with the bar stools already!!

My son already said that the black bar stool is his when he first saw it.  :)  
So I got the burgundy, my daughter got the tangerine and hubby got the silver.  sweet!!!

Five things I love about these bar stools:
    1) it saved me $80!! aww!!
    2) originally I thought this does not swivel because it's not in the website ~ but it does!! love it!
    3) has fun colors
    4) has adjustable height :)
    5) it's easy to clean - wet paper towel with water to clean it!! 


Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Bland to Fab Boxes

After posting about my fascination of turning bland to fab box, I did not stopped looking.  

Ihearorganzing is by far my favorite organizing blog ever, so I searched her blog under storage solutions with the hope of finding something I can DIY without robbing our bank.  

I got so inspired when I read iheartorganizing's fabric covered boxes that I wanted to wrap every single box in our house with either a craft paper or a nice fabric :) lol!!

so i have this bland shoe box

  and have this nice and pretty table cloth

I just followed how iheartorganizing covered her box in her project here, cut the table cloth to fit the bottom of the box

used some spray paint to adhere the table cloth to the bottom of the box

then covered the inside of the box, on the very end ~ I folded it two times to create some style

after attaching it to the  box ~ it now looks like this!

used the box in my laundry room as our drop off box ~ sunglassess(mine, hubby's, son's & daughter's), hubby's & son's caps, etc.

so far I am so pleased with, love it!!
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