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Saturday, May 5, 2012

What Do You Think of My Entryway?

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Since we've moved in to this new house a little over a month ago, my entryway has not been decorated.

Bare walls and bare floors...

My awesome husband did some of my honey-do list :) lol!

We worked early in the morning today ~ hubby put up our awesome mirror...helped him with it too because this mirror is kinda heavy...
i love how this mirror is shaped and how the black glasses were arranged in it ~ very eye-catching...we bought this from Value City more than a year ago..but in our old house, we placed this in our living room..

Now this mirror is the center piece of our entryway..

Hubby and I also placed our chaise in the corner of our entryway...looks so inviting...

An accent rug is placed by the main door...a christmas gift from a friend of ours...

Then I placed a glass table on the opposite corner of the entryway and put a vase with a dried bouquet arrangement on top of it.

Voila!  This is how our entry looks like now....

What do you think of my entryway?


  1. i like your arrangement!

  2. thanks melissa! i'm glad somebody ~ other than myself likes it! lol!!

  3. Where did you get those decorative mirrors? I am looking for a statement item that i could put in my living room wall.


    1. i got it from the local value city, if i remember it right i bought that for around $200...good luck!

      thanks for dropping by kendra!
      smart momma


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