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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Organizing Home-Office Drawers - 1st drawer done!

I finally was able to organize the first drawer of my home-office.  It was a great mess to start with because my 1-year old daughter & my 3-year old son would also like to ***help*** eeeekkkkk!! meaning make a mess!

But it still turned out to be organized at the end of it :)

Here's a picture of my first drawer before it was organized.

So messy - it will take you a map to find things!

So I started with writing on a post-its the following categories = 1)keep; 2)trash, 3)shred & 4)pending -

Of course those little hands are ***helping*** me...lol!!

Finally the drawer is empty!

And the pile from the drawer looks like this.

Found two of my "just in case i will need it" boxes - clinique perfume box & macy's jewelry box.

Placed them inside the drawers, bottom part in the front and lid at the back.  Then I taped them so they will stick together....perfect!!!

Then I started placing those items that were in the "keep" pile.  And here's the organized drawer!! very accessible and easy on the eyes...so love it!!!

and my favorite part - the before & after picture:

What do you think of it?  What about you, how do you organize your drawers?


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