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Monday, May 7, 2012

My First Ever DIY: Fashion Jewelry Display Holder

But before that, I want to share with you how my fashion jewelries looked like before.  I just put those in our bathroom cabinet and it is taking the entire space.

And now here's how i did it!!

First -  I cut a piece of cardboard from one of the flaps of the boxes that we used when we moved in to our new house.  I chose this because it will be easy for the push pins to stick in this kind of material.

Then I used one of my old clothes that I was getting ready to donate to goodwill.  (nice & pretty fabric, isn't it?)

Placed the cardboard on the very bottom of my fabric.  then I stapled the fabric to the cardboard.

Then folded the fabric to align it to the cardboard and stapled the other edge first.

Cut the fabric on the other edge - making sure I still have a little fabric left so it can be folded before it is stapled.

Yeah, I know ~ the fabric is not cut straight!! lol!!

Then folded the fabric first before stapling it to the cardboard. 

And the finish product looks like this!!

Placed 5 command strips at the back of it.

Then I placed my finish product in the cabinet and started hanging my fashion jewelry.
Got side-tracked by my kids for a while so I left the bathroom...heard a sound (wrrraahh!!) after 3 minutes and here's what happened to my project !!!

The command strip is not good enough ~ or maybe I hung the fashion jewelries too early, that's why the adhesive did not get the chance to hold whatever it is supposed to be holding. do I?... I don't want to make a hole in the cabinet by using a screw or a nail...

Aha!! An idea came up that I could actually move my fashion jewelries from that cabinet to our closet.  Found a perfect spot for it ~ above our cabinet inside our closet ~ perfect :) love, love it!!!

Used 4 thumb tacks to keep it from falling off of the wall.

And so here is my first ever DIY - My Fashion Jewelry Display Holder.

I hope you love it as much as I do.... :)

huggies ***
smart momma

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  1. I am crazy for jewelry organization and I really liked your idea so I featured you this week on Motivated Monday at BeColorful.

    1. thank you for featuring me in your motivated monday post!

      i grabbed your button!!

      huggies ***
      smart momma


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