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Friday, May 4, 2012

My Divine Kitchen

When we were in the process of purchasing our home, my most "thinked" & "researched" space is my kitchen.

I had been searching online and in magazines, for hours....and days...and nights...and favorite website ~

Then I saved the pictures of those I really like in my iphone and stare at them every single time I get that chance.

Here are my favorites:

My number one in the list is this georgian kitchen from
ahhh!! it melts my heart just by looking at this!!  creamy-white cabinets, dark hardwood floors, dark granite counter top and kitchen island top and stainless appliances...awesome!!

My next favorite is this one from
White cabinets, super dark hardwood floors, super white ceiling with super dark granite counter & island tops plus dark hardwares..of course stainless it!!

Next on my list is from
White cabinets ~ of course...pendant dangling kitchen light, stainless appliances and dark hardwood flooring..

And lastly on my list is from
White cabinets, stainless appliances with dark hardwares...hardwood flooring, creamish counter & island top..i love those chandeliers too!!

After  all these researching as to what would be my kitchen should look like...I realized that I am drawn to 4 things that are common with all my favorites that I've mentioned above ~ 1)white cabinets, 2)stainless appliances, 3)dark flooring and 4)dark counter & island tops.

Finally the big reveal - here's my divine kitchen

1)white cabinets - check!
2)stainless appliances - check!
3)dark flooring - check!  it is not hardwood flooring ~ it is just vinyl flooring with hardwood look..a lot cheaper than hardwood flooring..
4)dark counter & island tops - check!

I cannot wait to show you the photo of my divine kitchen after moving in.  It is not yet perfect but we are in the process of decorating it one day at a time.


We have installed our kitchen backsplash already, if you want to see that post, click here or click the photo below.


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