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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bland to Fab Box!

Don't know what is up with me lately but I am developing this fascination of turning a bland box to a fab box.

Maybe I see the potential of an ugly box to be useful as an organizing device & a decorative piece at the same time.

Instead of buying organizing baskets, I came up with an idea of just transforming  a bland box to a fab box !!

Like this one- it is a shipping box and was just laying around.

Cut the flap of it to make it more accessible.

And this is how it looks without the flap.

Found some nice & pretty craft papers.

Wrapped the inside & outside of the box and here's the fab box after!

Not perfect - but this is my first transformation of  a bland box to a fab box .  Now, do you see the potential of this box?  Maybe I can use this as my belt organizer - or maybe scarf! or maybe smart-poppa's belts.

Here's the before & after picture.

There are a lot of shoe boxes that are hiding in one of our closets that I need to transform.

Will post more of this bland to fab box project.

Do you like it?  What about you?  Do you just throw all ugly boxes away or do you re-use it like what I did?

Feel free to comment.


  1. Looks great! This is one of my favorite budget busting organizing tips! Great work!


    1. thanks for dropping by Jen, it means a lot to me that you also are reading my blogs!

      by far, your blog is my favorite :)


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