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Friday, May 25, 2012

Bland to Fab Box Update: Where Is It Now?

Remember I posted about transforming a bland box to a fab box last week?  I was trying to find a home for it and make use of it but I could not find the fab box.

I searched the whole house and finally found it, it was laying right under somebody's bed.  And that somebody is my 4-year old son :)

So, he has been using my fab box all this time!! me without even knowing it!!  I can tell that it has been a while now ~ because of the bite marks, see it right there? lol!

Upon my closer investigation, my 4-year old son (gotta get used to it, he just turned 4 two days ago), he already fill my fab box with his toys!

He must love my fab box because he's got his favorite bumblebee toy in there.  At least I've got somebody using my fab awesome!!

Can't you tell that my son is my biggest fan of this whole organizing & designing stuff that I do! :)


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