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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bar Stools for My Kitchen Island

After moving in to the new house, hubby and I have been looking up what kind and what color of bar stools are we going to get for our kitchen island.

Kitchen island is something new for us because we don't have this in our house before.  This is my favorite part of my divine kitchen!  I would love to have some bar stools in there!!

Here is my number one choice - Drake Adjustable Bar Stool (Value City)

why smart momma likes this?
  • it only costs $49.99 and it is actually on sale now for $29.99
  • it has 4 different colors ~ i think 2 burgundy & 2 tangerine will look awesome in my divine kitchen
  • it has adjustable height
  • it looks easy to clean because of it's chrome finish ~ could just use a wet paper towel & will be spotless in a second!

My other choice is Adjustable Height Drafting Stool (Walmart)
why smart momma likes this?
  • has more color options (blue, orange, black, bright blue, green, red, etc) that I could choose from
  • has the same features with my first choice
  • it costs $39.97 - more than my first choice

Finally, my next choice is ~ Scoop Swivel Gas Lift Stool (Target)
why smart momma likes this?
  • this swivels 360 degrees!! love, love it!!
  • has the same features with my first & second choice
  • it costs $101.99!!! ~ way, way more than expensive tan my 1st & 2nd choices.
Ahh, if money is just an issue here ~ i will definitely buy the one that swivels from Target.  But I think my smart mind is leaning towards getting my first choice from Value City.

What do you think?


  1. These look great! I love the designs!

    1. thanks saddle bar stools! the one i actually got is my that stools on top of my list - drake adjustable bar stools....

      it's really awesome, i love it! and my kids and hubby love it too!!

      thanks for dropping by and hope to see you next time!

      smart momma

  2. Thank you for the info about bar stool! I'll be adding touches to my kitchen soon and i got an best idea how to decor my kitchen.Really you did a great job .


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